One Mom’s Journey from Fat to Skinny to Confident

Yearly Goals

2011 Goals

Have a Healthy Baby.

I got pregnant in the summer of 2010 after a miscarriage early that year. I don’t care how much weight I gain as long as I’m blessed with a healthy baby. Goal Met: 3/17/2011 4 Weeks Early! click here to see Little Bean.

Lose the Weight I Gained During Pregnancy

I was about 145 lbs when I got pregnant. I’d like to return to the mid 140s by the end of the year. My Weight Watchers goal is 149. Goal Met: Not Yet

2010 Goals

1 Running Event a Month!

Click here to see my monthly schedule and progress

2009 Goals

10 Miles Cherry Blossom Run

The first of three long run goals this year!

Goal Met: 04/05/2009 Read about it here!

Half Marathon

The second of three long run goals this year!

Goal Met: 05/31/2009 My Half Marathon Weekend Recap


The third of three long run goals this year!

Goal Met: 10/10/2009 I’m a Marathoner!

Click here to see how I’m training for these 3 big events!

2008 Goals

Get back to my personal goal of 140lbs

This past fall has been on the high side for me in the scale department. I only have a few pounds to lose to get back to my personal goal. (in case you are wondering my Weight Watchers goal is 149 and my healthy weight range is 135-165).

Goal Met: Not Yet — Note sure I want to since lifting weights

Climb the inclined (hard level) rock wall at the gym

I started climbing the rock wall at the gym a few weeks after starting to work out. I LOVE it! My goal this year it to reach the top of the hardest wall, the crazy inclined wall. It’s going to be tough but I’m supper psyched to try!

Goal Met: Not Yet Left the gym with the wall. :(

Do 1 Unassisted Pull (chin) Up

This may seem like a weird goal but I have NEVER been able to to do a pull up. Never! Call me weakling go ahead, I don’t mind. Right now I can do about 5 pull ups by offsetting my weight by about 64 pounds. by the end of the year I hope to do one unassisted. Just one. I’m not sure if that too easy of a goal or to unrealistic, I guess we’ll see!

Goal Met: 11/7/2008 see the proof!

2007 Goals

I didn’t really set official goal in 2007, but this one needs mentioning post fact.

Climb the slight inclined (medium level) rock wall at the gym

I wanted to try the rock climbing wall for awhile but I was chicken. I thought I’d look like an idiot being the only one over the age of 16 climbing the wall. Then one day I said the heck with it! Gave the easy wall a try and was immediately hooked. I practiced a couple more time and then took my hand on at the medium wall. It took almost 2 months for me to reach the top and ring that bell but I did it!

Goal Met: 10/25/2007

Original Goals

10% of My Weight (20 lbs)

For those of you on Weight Watchers you know this is your first goal on the program. I am already almost there and hope to hit this goal in 6 weeks of doing Weight watchers.

Goal Met: 8/9/2005

To Have Lost More Then I Have to Lose

Does that make sense? To say it better… My next goal is to make it past the half way mark. That would be losing a total of 29 pounds. My Weight would be 177.6 and I would only have 28.8 pounds left. As of today (8/17/2005) I only have 5.4 pounds to go. Hopefully it will only take me 2 more weeks. We’ll see!

Goal Met: 9/7/2005

Return to Pre-Pregnancy Weight

I was in the mid 160’s when I found out I was pregnancy with Ryan. I can’t remember exactly so I figured I would set a goal 165 lbs.

Goal Met: 11/2/2005

Ultimate goal of 149 lbs

I have never been under 150 pounds, well at least not since I was about 12. Actually I remember distinctly the first time I weighed in at 150, funny how things stick with you. Anyway, this is my ultimate goal Weight.

Goal Met: 01/19/2006

Weight Watchers Lifetime Member

I love Weight Watchers! I love the meetings and sharing my success. Because of this I would love to become a lifetime member. For one, that means I hit my goal Weight and maintained it for 6 weeks but, two, it means I don’t have to pay anymore!

Goal Met: 03/02/2006

Weight Watchers Success Story

I just think this would be the coolest thing ever! I’m not sure why but I love to read others success and I think it would be nice to share my story.

Goal Met: Not Yet

No T-Shirt!

If your like me, you wouldn’t be seen dead on the beach without a t-shirt covering your bathing suit! I’ve been like that since a preteen. One of my big goals is to feel comfortable in my own skin. I think this is the toughest of them all.

Goal Met: ongoing

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    John Williams

    August 20, 2008

    Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! :)


    January 27, 2012

    hi roni
    now that i have embarked on the weight loss journey, i go for morning brisk walks……i tried jogging but i guess its not working for me….i feel too heavy…….i used to go to the gym 2 years ago doing cardio and weight training…now with the baby and work..its hard to fit the gym in so trying walking for an hour … do i start jogging routine????


    January 27, 2012

    Slow and steady. Add a shot jog to your morning walks. Go a little further each day, jog a little longer. You’ll get there!