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Unfortunately My WWP Calculators have been removed.

Weight Watchers has asked that I remove the calculators and I had to comply. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. I too was accustom to using them.

NEW – WWPP Calculator for Food
OLD – WWP Calculator for Food

OLD – Daily WWP Target calculator
Are you:
(in pounds)
Activity Level:  

Note: These are just a beta versions, I haven’t tested them on many browsers. If you have a problem using it please let me know.

I used WW public information to create theseCalculators. Weight Watchers owns the formula and points system. This is just a tool that I use based on materials Weight Watchers has published. I am not claiming ownership of points or charging people for using this tool. I am not responsible if it does not work or if you do not lose weight. I was more successful going to Weight Watcher Meetings and I recommend you attend to aid your weight loss efforts.

The points may be slightly different then found on your material considering the decimal places.

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  • Dione

    Hey Roni, do you know if there is a calculator that could be downloaded to a handheld device/ pda?

  • http://ronisweigh.com roni

    Dione – I don’t but you aren’t the first person to ask. If I have time I’ll research a bit and see if I can come up with the something.

  • Meredith

    A lot of people have asked about various points calculator applications. I’ve found this one http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Points_Calculator/1091977865/1 to be quite useful. Its discrete enough that I feel comfortable using it up on the screen at work. Maybe it could be downloaded to a PDA. The only downside it is won’t take decimals like Roni’s calculator, but its close enough for most situations. PS Roni, thanks for all your stories, I’ve been reading for about a year now and it makes me feel like I’m doing this with a friend. :)

  • Louis

    Dione- I use a Palm PDA program that not only counts points, but is a journal as well. It is a fabulous program that only works with Palm OS though. If anyone wants a copy of it let me know. It was kind of banned by WW in 2004, even though the programer was giving out for free. It is so much better than the WW On-the-Go version. To bad WW didn’t hire the guy to write stuff for WW. He truly has a talent for a good program. It is called WWCalc.

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  • Regina

    In regards to the post on September 14th from Dione:

    Currently there is nothing out there right now. However, I do know that there is something in the works. The company is called Briobody and they are at http://www.briobody.com. Its almost like face book for nutrition and excersise. They should be launching by the end of October.

  • Lien

    what is the formule for ww food points? x g of total weight (add, substract, multiply, etc) x g of fat (add, substract, multiply, etc) x g of fiber = X. this is the one I am looking for. I wouldn’t mind doing it in my head.

  • Meredith

    http://www.healthyweightforum.org/eng/articles/weight_watchers_points/ Shows the formula.

    Points = (calories/50) + (fat/12) – (fiber/5), where fiber is limited to 4.

    Not great to do your head, but you can certainly write a program into your calculator/PDA/food log spreadsheet. (Yes, I’m an engineer.)

  • http://janeysblog40.blogspot.com/ janey

    Hi Roni,
    Just a quick question – I live in the UK and have recently started following the Weightwatchers Plan. The UK site has a WW Points Target Calculator but it is giving me different figures to your one here. It is telling me to aim for 2 points lower than yours (female, 39yrs, 163 lbs, 5’8″, sitting down most of the day). Weight watcher site says 19 points, your calculator says 21. I just wondered if you knew why this was, I thought the points system was universal?
    Thanks for your help, Janey. x

  • Meredith

    I have heard that they are not universal. Things are always bigger in the US….

  • http://ronisweigh.com roni

    Janey, From what I know they are not universal. Weight Watchers has slightly different programs in different countries. I’m not quit sure why.

    In the US they are launching a new prgram this week, maybe the will match up after that??

    I’ll be posting about it mid week.

    We’ll see! :)

  • http://yahoo Gwen

    I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and I was told by a friend with diabetes that her doctor recommended Weight Watchers. I am also on a 2000 miligram of sodium diet to boot. Any comments or suggestions on this would be helpful

  • biggiemidge

    There is an app for the iphone that calculates WWP. It’s available on the itunes store. Search “points.”

    Also, to Gwen: My suggestion: get yourself officially on WW, go to the meetings and do the online tools. It’s the only approach that’s ever worked, long term, for me and for anyone I know who’s succeeded in the long run. And it’s ideal for people with Type 2 diabetes. Opt for the filling foods and away from any simple carbs.

  • Terre

    Louis – I have been looking for a non internet points diary for WW. I think you are referring to the one that everyone says will work on my PALM OS.

    Would you send me a copy?

    I haven’t blogged or responded to conversations on a website – OOOHH I hope this works.

  • Stephanie

    Anyone willing/able to share the nformula/ algorithm for daily target points? Thanks

  • http://ronisweigh.com roni

    Stephanie – It’s on wikipedia… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weight_Watchers

  • Stephanie

    I see thee forumlas for how many points are in a food or recipe. What I am looking for is the determination of the total daily point target, what you are calling Daily WWP Target calculator. It is based on gender, current weight, age…

    Am I being stoopid and not seeing it in wick?



  • http://ronisweigh.com roni
  • Stephanie

    Yes. Right on. THANKS!

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  • Kay

    Hi Roni, Please send me the WWcalc for palm pda. I had it on my palm but lost it because my palm was uncharged for a while and it was not saved on my computer. Please help.

  • http://ronisweigh.com roni

    Kay – I’m not sure what you’re talking about. PDA??

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  • Kathy

    Could you please tell me how many points do I need with this new weight watchers program. I can’t afford the meetings anymore. My weight has really gotten out of control.

  • http://ronisweigh.com roni

    Kathy – It’s not like the old plan. There is no formula. They tell you what yours in when you weigh in. I *think* most people get around 29.

  • http://www.artisservant.com Dave Myers

    Roni you’re the best! Thank you for making these available! Very helpful!

  • Brenda

    Can you post the calculation for the 2012 point system? I have a program on my iphone where you can enter your own formula and it will calculate for you. It’s called Edibles http://www.random-ideas.net/Software/Edibles and it’s only 4.99.
    Thanks :)

  • Julie

    Wow…thank you so much Roni! I have been trying to get back on the wagon with the new WW system and it’s been so difficult. I am really glad I found this site. I’ll be visiting again and again. It’s amazing that you take the time to do this, both for yourself and for others. Good for you and Thank you!!!


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