Tweet, Eat, Post!

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  • Geri


  • Cara

    Roni, this is GENIUS!!!!

    I’m a total Twitter addict and so this is right up my alley. This is such an ingenious use of Twitter.

    I’ve already set up a new Twitter account and I’m using it on my blog.


  • Laura Brandon

    Is the chart supposed to come out pink on our blogs? Because mine isn’t.

  • roni

    Great question! No it will be styled the way your theme or template has defined tables. For example if you paste it into a BlogToLose blog it looks like this…

    (well that’s the other generator but same point)

    If you want it to look like mine I can give you the CSS to paste in your css file.

  • Betty Adams

    Roni, I am new at Twitter, but I do have an account. I would love to twitter my food diary. I am thinking I only have to copy and paste the above XHTML code. Well I shall soon see. Thanks for your blog, I love it.

  • koko

    Hey Roni!

    I’ve been reading your blog for months now and like to watch AskRonis when I do my dishes at night :)

    Anyway, this wole Twitter thing is absolut genius! My screen name up there is ShhhFood. I missed the #-tag today, my first day, but will be posting it by dinnertime!

    Thanks for the crazygood idea!

  • Betty Adams

    Roni, I signed up for twitter, and I have been posting my food journal. I think I have been doing it wrong. I never seem to be able to copy and paste the table directly to my blog.( in fact I never get a table) I have to go to your page each time and add everything individually. What do you think I am doing wrong. Thanks, Betty

  • roni

    Hi Betty! I should be able to help. What is your twitter username?

  • Betty Adams

    Roni, It worked, thanks so much. BTW, I love your site, I made the pinto bean soup this weekend it was very good.


  • Julie

    Roni, I would LOVE your css to paste into my blog to make my chart look nice like yours ;) I have a blogger blog I am not sure if that will make a difference?

  • roni

    Nope.. it would make a difference. Do you know where to put the css?

    Try to copy and paste this…
    table{border-spacing:1px;border:1px solid #c0e2f3;margin:5px 0 10px 0;}
    td, th{padding:4px;}
    tr{background-color:#e6f3f9;text-align:left;border-bottom:1px solid #c0e2f3;}

  • Katali

    Hey Roni! Have been reading your blog(s) for a while now and finally decided I’d delurk and also give this a try. I do not understand twitter at all, but I do understand that it will let me track consistantly, so I am giving it a shot! Particularly since it’s become clear recently that my track-book method is no longer working.

    Just a random question/suggestion: I use tables on my blog for all sorts of random “I-hate-HTML-lets-just-bloody-do-it-this-way” moments. Is it possible to include a specific css class/style ‘tag’ for the table/tr in your generator? For people who don’t use HTML, it’d just revert to a normal table (right? My HTML skills are a little patchy), but for people like me, I could write those specific classes into my CSS to make it all pretty. Does that make sense?

    Also, thanks so much for posting…well, everything. You’re a daily read for me and I find it so motivating. You’ve also inspired me to start cooking and to play when I cook, which is wonderful! Thanks again for this,


  • roni

    Katali – GREAT idea! Of course I understand. For a quick fix I just added “foodjournal” as the class for the table. Hope that helps!!

  • Jan Lowry

    Great idea Roni. Congrats on a fantastic job. Good luck in your new job also.
    Thanks for all your good ideas.

  • Robin

    Just started to use twitter for my food journal today! I am sooo excited to not have to be carrying around my ‘form’ that I made to track my week. Thank you sooo much Roni! Brilliant, I say, Brilliant!

  • Jim

    have you seen ?

  • Jim

    have you seen tweetwhatyoueat ?

  • lori

    Is there a way that this can be done as a “feed” – to continuosly update what you eat. Do you know what I mean?
    It’s a great tool

  • roni

    Lori – twitter already has a feed. For example my food journal feed is…

    You can simply add the feed to your sidebar!

    Does that make sense?

  • lori

    I see it now! I am REALLY new to twitter, so thank you for your insight. Roni – you simply ROCK!

  • Becca


    Just read the article about you on CNN and found my way here. I’m a huge twitter fan and I’m trying to become a fan of eating right too. I’ve protected my feed but feel free to follow.

    I’ve kept a food journal before but was frustrated with having to look things up and then still having to modify the actual number of calories. I love your unit system, although I haven’t quite figured out what they’ll mean for me yet. I’m thinking more of a “star” system corresponding to how good of a choice that food was.

    It’s a good thing I started this before going home to my bowl of leftover Halloween candy!


  • christina

    Can I tweet my food journal from my phone without having internet on my phone? By just texting?

  • christina


  • christina

    Im doing something wrong and I dont know what… I made my twitter account (chrissysfood) I sent a test food entry but I dont have [ ] on my phone, I have ( )… is that ok???

    And I put the info into the food jounral thing on the top of here and nothing… there is an XHTML on the reply section but when I copy that, my blog wont let me paste it… although im not sure thats what im supposed to do anyways…. HELP

  • christina

    ok new question – I figured out how to get it to make the chart – yaaa me! and I found out how to make the [ ] on my phone (needed to go to keyboard option) now my new issue – so when I put in toast [5] as a test… it shows up on my chart as A5N with the A and N having lines over them. And the number doesnt show on the tally side… what did I do wrong?

  • Anna

    Hi Roni,

    I’m having a hard time getting my table to generate – my twitter name is annafood and I’m formatting my tweets like oatmel [2] but it won’t generate!


  • roni

    Anna – You have to “unprotected” your updates. By keeping them secure you are not allowing my app access. Does that make sense? Let me know if you get it to work!

  • roni

    Christina – Still working on you A D issue. Have to do research.

  • Anna

    Thanks, Roni! That works! :)

  • joanna

    Hey Roni

    I already set up a twitter account but want to make another one just for my food journa entries. But when I set up another account it won’t let me bc it says email address already taken. Can you have multiple twitter accounts?

    thanks so much

  • roni

    joanna – You can have multiple accounts but you need another email to do so. I have about 8 so it wasn’t a problem for me. DO you have another email you can use:

  • Courtney

    I’d like to use this twitter thing to log! :) I created my twitter account as wyrillcosfood and I can post, but I think I’m being a dummy and missing a big step in the process of being able to get my totals and then post to my blog. Can you help? I have no ide what to do next.

  • roni

    Courtney – I can.. Unfortunately tweet eat post is having some technical difficulties AND I’m so swamped I can’t fix them right now. :(

    I hope to update it soon. So sorry!!

  • janine

    I just found this,
    and created my account, and downloaded tweetdeck…hopefully this is one move that will help me BUST this plateau!!
    I LOVE LOVe this site!!
    totally motivates me!!

    thanks Roni!!!

  • Anna

    Hi Roni,

    When do you think the bug with TEP will be corrected?

    Thanks!! :)

  • roni

    Anna – Good question. I haven’t had time to fix it since I’m planning the conference. I will put it on the top of my to do once that’s behind me. The problem is with Twitter, they changed the feed dates. It’s killing me!

    I’ll get to it! Promise!


  • Laura

    Hey Roni! In an effort to be more accountable, I’ve been tweeting my foods for a few weeks now. Only a few of my friends actually follow my food journal though. In a way that’s cool, because they’re the people who really are interested to see it; but at the same time, I’d feel more accountable if more people were checking up on me. Any suggestions on how to get more Twitter food journal followers?

    by the way, my food journal is @LauraWVsFood

    and THANKS for the awesome idea to do this, and for doing it yourself for so long. I look forward to reading your food tweets every day, and often get ideas for what I’d like to eat from them.

  • roni

    Laura, I’m glad you brought this up! I used to tag all my food journal tweets with #tep and a few others did as well, just so we can find each other. I’ll get myself back into the habit. Then we could do a simple search for each other like this…

  • Laura

    Cool! Sorry I didn’t read that up above… I got a bit mixed up with all the instructions (and as always, figured I knew it all and didn’t have to read them). I will definitely put #tep on all my food posts now, and will hope to find others doing so as well. Also, I realize now that I can look at who you follow (@Ronisfood), and follow those people as well.

  • Jaimie

    Hey Roni,

    I know you haven’t talked much about this recently, but for some reason I can’t generate my table. My twitter is erlfood. Any advice you have would be much appreciated!


  • Jen

    Roni, I came across your site a few weeks ago. I am back in the weight loss game and this time IT’s FOR REAL!!!!! YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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