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10 Light Holiday Cookie Ideas from GreenLiteBites

Posted by 5 years ago 3 Comments 1518 views

Christmas is coming and in my house that means baking season is upon us!

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Keep Track of Your Weigh with Google Docs!

Posted by 5 years ago 16 Comments 3212 views

After posting yesterdays weigh in I was inpired to dig up my old weigh loss tracking spread sheets and port everything into a google doc.

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Ask Roni: From Couch to Kitchen

Posted by 5 years ago 17 Comments 2062 views

Hi Roni, I’ve been a lurker on your sites for several years. 

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5 Lessons from My 5th Half Marathon

Posted by 5 years ago 19 Comments 6394 views

Yesterday I ran in my 5th Half Marathon. FIFTH!!

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Embrace Change and Adjust

Posted by 5 years ago 15 Comments 2524 views

I remember exactly how I felt when I started this blog 7 years ago. I was a new mom on a mission to change my diet.

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Next Time You Find Yourself Hungry on the Road…

Posted by 5 years ago 9 Comments 1605 views

Try this! At only 80 calories a serving with .5g of fat and 15g of protein it’s by far one of the best choices at the gas station in my opinion.

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5 Back to Basics Weight Loss Tips

Posted by 5 years ago 37 Comments 4828 views

I know many of you are waiting for me the "Rules" I mentioned a few posts ago. I’ve been thinking of them for sometime but so much of what I do is intuitive now it’s hard for me to collect my overall approach.

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My To-Do List’s To-Do List

Posted by 6 years ago 9 Comments 1591 views

This morning I gave everyone on twitter and Facebook a good laugh when I said…

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Good Workout Habits

Posted by 6 years ago 12 Comments 2177 views

I LOVE Pinterest. Every night I peak in for a few minutes and marvel at all the amazing stuff: the photos, the food, the tips, the inspiration. I rarely pin anymore as I’m too busy checking out everyone else’s!

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5 Tips to Get More Done in a Day

Posted by 6 years ago 23 Comments 2789 views

One of the Most Common Questions I get — especially on Sensational Sunday Posts — is how am I able to get so much done in a day. Just this week MO asked, …How do you do everything that you do in one day?

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