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Random Interview Questions and Other Happenings of the Day

Posted by 3 years ago 0 Comments 1312 views

Hola everybody! I’m having a pretty good day so I thought I’d pop in and share. I’ve been feeling really content lately.

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Embrace Change and Adjust

Posted by 5 years ago 15 Comments 2524 views

I remember exactly how I felt when I started this blog 7 years ago. I was a new mom on a mission to change my diet.

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8 Amazing Blogger Weight-Loss Transformations

Posted by 7 years ago 11 Comments 2503 views

I’m one of them! Click here to read all 8 stories in Woman’s Day. It’s been so long since I lost the weight–I mean just look at that picture–that I forget I’m a "success story." And now that I’m pregnant and gaining I feel even less like one. But I meant everything I said in […]

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Ask The Trainer: Protein

Posted by 9 years ago 25 Comments 2017 views

Last year I posted about Weight Training and Body Image. In that post I asked Andy the Trainer, a few questions about weight lifting and it’s connection to body image. Now that I’m training even more I have (and some of you have asked) questions about protein. I hear different opinions on the subject and […]

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Leigh Peele – Fat Loss Troubleshoot – The Interview

Posted by 9 years ago 8 Comments 1653 views

Last Thursday I mentioned Leigh Peele and her blog Avidity Fitness. Leigh’s a sassy personal trainer with strong opinions on weight loss. She recently released a new eBook called, Fat Loss Troubleshoot. It’s chock full of great resources and I think it will help those that are trying to "sculpt" their bodies. Especially those of […]

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Weight Training and Body Image

Posted by 9 years ago 20 Comments 1828 views

If you read my blog for sometime you may know I used to be anti "normal" exercise. I hated the gym and I didn’t do any structured workouts. Don’t get me wrong, I stayed active, walked, danced even liked going to the park for a long hike but you wouldn’t catch me dead in the […]

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