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20 Fun Yogurt Topping Ideas

Posted by 5 years ago 6 Comments 3151 views

There were a few weeks where I’d throw up a #DailyYogurt idea a day, but I’ve been slacking lately.

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14 Yogurt Topping Ideas to Inspire Your Next Snack!

Posted by 5 years ago 10 Comments 4250 views

2 weeks ago I started a fun hashtag on Instagram called #DailyYogurt.

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Ask Roni: From Couch to Kitchen

Posted by 5 years ago 17 Comments 2064 views

Hi Roni, I’ve been a lurker on your sites for several years. 

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20 Snack Ideas, 1 Bacon Joke and Creepy Spider Chatter

Posted by 8 years ago 19 Comments 1983 views

I LOVE the internet. I always have, even way back when when browsers didn’t even have graphics! (Yes I really surfed the web on that and no I’m not *that* old.) Beyond just the good old fashion internet and world wide web, social media has made online time even more fun, more interesting, and more […]

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Finding New Snacks

Posted by 9 years ago 38 Comments 2518 views

I’m a nighttime snacker. It’s a habit. I enjoy it. I don’t want to give it up. I routinely eat something between 11 and midnight daily. I always have, even while losing. Generally I keep the snacks light. Fruit, Popcorn, light ice cream treats, soy crisps and salsa or crackers with some laughing cow cheese. […]

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What’s your best Snack Idea?

Posted by 9 years ago 47 Comments 2897 views

I’m a HUGE proponent of the creative snack. I truly believe a snack (or a meal for that matter) is ultimately more satisfying when you prepare it yourself. There’s something about the process, it’s rewarding. Think about it…

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Chocolate Mint Tea

Posted by 9 years ago 22 Comments 2198 views

I totally had to share my new tip to cure the night time sweet tooth. This one’s for all the chocolate mint lovers out there, like me. :~)

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Yea, that’s right, THIS is how I ended my day…

Posted by 10 years ago 15 Comments 2642 views

And it was only 4 points!  AND it was to DIE for!   Just in case you are wondering, it’s a Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Flavored VitaBrownie, 1 scoop of Ben & Jerry’s Lighten Up! (half serving) and fresh berries. Can you tell I was having a chocolate craving? That along with my insatiable appetite? Hmmmm […]

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