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How I’m “Eating to Perform”

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I’ve been wanting to post about this all week but it’s been so busy in these parts. Someone is registered for kindergarten, someone else completed their 5th grade STEM project. We’ve had birthday parties and chess tournaments. I cooked every day this week AND I’m back on my early-morning gym routine, which I love so much more even though it’s a struggle to get out of the house by 5:20 a.m.

I didn’t run or blog as much as I wanted this week but you’ll have this. I’ve been mastering the What You Can When You Can mindset these days. I can only do what I can do!

Anyway, at the beginning of the month I signed up for Eat to Perform while they were running a special. I’ve been reading the site for some time now and I’ve been really curious how they recommend I eat with my current workout routine.

I’ve been CrossFitting for over 3 years and as a late bloomer in the fitness realm and someone who’s coming from a traditional weight loss (lower calories at all cost) background, I haven’t really learned to eat as an athlete. I was excited to see what their recommendations were going to be for me.

I filled out their questionnaire and got this macro breakdown in return:


My initial reaction… So many calories and carbs!

They recommend “slow” carbs before workouts and “fast” carbs afterwards. Here’s a chart they sent…


I decided to approach this the same way I approached Weight Watchers 10 years ago (that led to a 70-pound weight loss by the way)….

  • Trust them and do what I can to follow the plan without trying to be perfect.
  • Keep a food journal.
  • Plan as many of my meals as possible and enter my planned meals in my journal ahead of time and then adjust.

My experience so far:

  • I haven’t exactly hit my macro goals every day but I’ve gotten has close as I can eating the foods I want to eat. The Eat to Perform folks make some pretty interesting recommendations, like eating sugar cereals before bed, but I don’t want to start to take what I consider a step backward in my food choices. I like how I eat now. Yesterday I made a bowl of brown rice, chicken and artichokes. It was delicious and it makes me feel good to eat things like that now.
  • I have increased my carb intake significantly and I have noticed a HUGE difference in my workout performance.
  • My fat intake is higher than I’d like so I’m working on that.
  • I can normally hit my protein goals but it takes a lot of planning.

I’m not weighing myself as manipulating the number on the scale is no longer my goal. I want to build muscle, strength and increase my performance at the gym. If I lose some fat – –  awesome! I’d love to see more muscle tone but honestly, I’ve been feeling really, really good, and strong, lately — yesterday I did 8 sets of 2 strict pull-ups at the gym!

You can peer through my food journal on MyFitnessPal if you’re interested — of course today is a weekend and I had that kid’s birthday party so it’s not as “pretty” as I’d like it but such is life. It’s been fun keeping my journal again. I wanted to get back to daily blogging and sharing it here but it’s been proving nearly impossible with my schedule. I’ll try again next week.

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    April 10, 2016

    Question, do you think documenting food is a must? I just hate the idea. I can physically see changes but that stupid scale number isn’t moving. And knowing my body at its best it needs to. Your thoughts?


      April 10, 2016

      For me it’s a huge help but just like everything, I can’t obsess over it. I just enter the closest thing I could find and estimate portions most of the time so I don’t get too OCD about it.

      I don’t know what your goals are or where you are starting but if you are noticing changes despite the scale not moving than I’d ditch the scale for a little while at least. Why let it define your success? How do you feel? Look? Perform? That’s the most important. The scale is really irrelevant in my opinion. At least it is too me now but I say that after going through quite a few years where I successfully used the scale as a tool.

      Bottom line…. you have to do what will work for you. If you can disconnect from the number and continue to weigh for feedback then keep weighing. If you feel like the scale and the number are going to affect you negatively to the point you give up or walk away then stop stepping on. There is no “right” way to do this. There’s only the way the is working for you.


    April 10, 2016

    Bah, I don’t understand how companies can put official stuff out with so many typos! Temph, avacado, mayonaise, plantaines… Obviously not your fault and not the point of this post, but I hate this kind of thing! I can’t take something like this seriously as something that might benefit me because they couldn’t use a spellchecker. Might be the best thing ever but I see it and immediately disregard because of the unprofessional graphic. BUT anyway, I super duper hope that it works well for you! And I think it will be very awesome for you to be eating to fuel yourself vs. keep the calories low!


      April 10, 2016

      Confession… I didn’t even notice! This is why I now pay an editor. lmao I just don’t see typos!

    Claude Maugein

    April 11, 2016

    Carbs will help you lose weight because you’ll have more energy for intensity (as you discovered). Protein will build muscle, for even more metabolically active soft tissue (so you can torch even more carbs, even at rest!).
    This is a good plan for you, you have a good approach. The fat will take care of itself, you can limit this, I’d rather run for the steady state cardio at a much lower intensity than CrossFit.
    It seems you may not have the time; but WYC2: it’s all about the engine anyways, that’s what makes the lifestyle.