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My Kitchen is a Mess and I Don’t Care

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Here it is…

messy kitcheb

I can’t do it. I can’t do one more thing today. I’m done.

I just wrapped up a phone interview for What You Can When You Can: Healthy Living on Your Terms. I came from work and made dinner plus a pot of chili so I would have some lunch options the rest of the week. Work was busy with the gym move happening Friday and I had to go in earlier than normal. I had a few administrative tasks to handle for myself. And I spent some time with the kids.

The Husband is playing tennis. The kids are in bed. I have The Food Network on and I’m sitting on the couch in my messy house. I’d love for it to be clean but, as I said,

I’m done.

Well, I say that as I’m typing this but *this* is my time. I’m overdue for a good brain dump but now I don’t even know where to start.

Oh, yeah! Whole30 is over!

I did great! And I’m really proud of myself. I celebrated with a a few too many vodka drinks on Saturday and a glass of wine but besides that I’m not sure I’ve really eaten many things not Whole30. The only thing I really miss is rice and I think I will introduce that first tomorrow with some sushi.

My biggest takeaway after the 30 days is a raised level of consciousness. It really had me reading labels with more detail again, I eliminated a lot of unnecessary condiments and I’ve stopped all mindless nibbles of snack-style foods like chips, pretzels, crackers and cheese.

That’s pretty huge. A small part of me wishes I weighed myself before and after because I’m sure I’ve lost a few pounds,  but that wasn’t my goal. I feel great! And more in control, if that makes sense. Sometimes I still go through phases where I’m eating things I don’t want to be eating and I don’t know why. Right now, cravings are pretty nonexistent so I’m going to really watch as I reintroduce foods to see if I can figure out if there are certain things I’m eating that affect me in that way.

I did have a Best Bar Ever (not Whole30!) at work when we got our delivery of the new flavor, Chocolate Peanut Butter.


I’ve been meaning to share these bars on the site for some time but I kept forgetting.

There was a girl at my gym who raved about them but when I first tried them I was like, meh. Back then they only had their original flavor. It was good but not great.

Then they came out with Apple Pie, a little better. Then Chocolate Coconut and I was like wowza! Even the 10-Year-Old loved that one. Now Chocolate AND Peanut butter?!?

Then I went back and tried the original out of the freezer at work one day and it was amazing. Now I’m a fan. Click here to check them out. It’s a pretty cool company.

In other news… we now have a guitar in the house and I’m tickled pink!


My dad played and I grew up around music. Even though I don’t play it’s very important to me and I want it to be important to my kids.

I’m seriously considering taking lessons. I can’t even hold the thing but it’s been something I’ve been thinking about for some time now. Plus, I think it would be fun for the kids to see me learn something new and have to practice at it just like they need to do.

I’ll keep you posted if I end up pulling that off!

Finally, I recorded a video for GreenLiteBites. It’s been forever!

How to Cook a Whole Chicken in the Slow Cooker

Click here to check it out. 

I really miss doing blogging things like that but I haven’t been inspired mostly because I can’t figure out when to do them. Now that the kids are older (and there are 2 of them!) it’s so much harder. So I truly have enlisted a #wycwyc attitude about it and I do them when I can.

OK, that’s all I have in me tonight. Now I’m REALLY done. The Husband just came home. It’s time to cuddle.

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    February 4, 2016

    I mainly lurk but wanted to say I love that you posted a picture of your kitchen in less than perfect condition. You rock!

    FoodLove Girl

    February 5, 2016

    I know what you mean. I am doing the 21 Day Virgin Diet -second time – did it last year too and while I did do it to lose weight ,and I did lose weight, the better thing that happened is that it cut all my cravings – nonexistent – especially sugar which was sooooo awesome! You have less desire for processed food and you feel so clean and like you said -you’re super aware of everything that goes in your body – way more than we probably were doing before. Congrats on finishing! And I am a fan of the motto – #wycwyc All day long!

    Claude Maugein

    February 9, 2016

    Your kitchen looks like mine; but I’m only one person, I just feed a lot. I sense you are getting much busier these days, is this a good thing for Ronnie?

    Trapped in a Fat Chick

    February 13, 2016

    That’s pretty much what my kitchen looks like! I thought I was the only one! I feel way better now!