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Moving Past ‘I Can’t’

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So much awesomeness this weekend!

On Thursday they released the first CrossFit Open workout and my excitement about it started to plummet after I tried to do a chest-to-bar pull up and failed. Knowing I wouldn’t be competitive in the workout, I thought for sure I could power through them one at a time at least getting a few, but when I tried, I couldn’t meet the standard and actually touch my chest to the bar.

I started getting tips from anyone I could and practicing but it wasn’t looking good. I pretty much concluded there was no way. I simply CAN’T do them.  My approach for the first workout in the open was to do everything up until the pull-ups and just get a super low score.

Well I wish someone was recording me because when it came time for me to do the pull-ups I looked at the bar, gave it my all and I did it.

I actually freakin’ DID IT!

I dropped off the bar smiling ear-to-ear and did a happy dance.

When will I learn to stop saying “I can’t” and simply move toward my goals?

I’ve been doing things I supposedly can’t do for years now.

Like weight loss. Proved that one wrong.

Like running. I muttered the words ‘I can’t run” for most of my life until I just started doing it.  Now it just sounds silly. I ran 2 miles just today!

Like a pull-up. Like writing a children’s book. Like publishing a “real” book. Like having a second child!

This is very much a pat-myself-on-the-back type of post. I’ve been feeling blah lately, comparing myself to others, feeling oversaturated, under appreciated and disconnected.

Then today happened. I did better in the open than I thought I would. I hosted 20 kids at the gym and had a blast! And I worked on some lifts hitting a new snatch PR by catching 83 pounds in a full squat — something I swore I’d never be able to do.

mid snatch

That’s me mid-snatch. I still have lots of things to work on but I’ve made so much progress.

So much progress.

I need to move past “I can’t,” set my sights on my goals, and just keep trucking.

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    February 29, 2016

    Way to go!!! Proud of you, Ronnie. You are an inspiration to me, and I love following your story,

    Christina Paul

    February 29, 2016

    Very proud for you!!!