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Instead of Blogging I’ve Been…

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I’ve been feeling a little guilty about abandoning the blogs lately. I’m trying to figure out how I used to be able to do it so often back in the day. There was a time I’d easily post 4-5 ideas on GreenLiteBites a week (one being a video even) plus post daily here without batting an eye.

I simply don’t have it in me anymore even though I really miss the daily brain dump. I think the biggest obstacle is the kids aging. They are snuffing out the evening “my time” hours because they stay up later than they used to.

Plus there’s now more homework after school and family game nights. We eat dinner later. The kids have more activities. I have more activities. Our days are just jam-packed.

When I first started this blog I made two things non-negotiable: my weekly Weight Watchers meeting and blogging on weigh-in day. I promised myself I would do those two things above all else. I did and the result was a 70-pound weight loss and a consistent blog.

Now, just like when I had my weight loss a-ha moment, ditched the scale and fell in love with fitness, I find myself amidst another season of change — I’ve blogged about this before, probably multiple times but this post captures it best.

Instead of feeling guilty that I’m blogging less (which I do) I need to recognize that this too is simply the evolution of my journey. Because instead of blogging I’ve been…

Spending time with The Boys. Friday night the kids and I had a date night. We went for sushi and then saw Kung Fu Panda in the theater. I have sufficiently raised one sushi lover so far — The 10-Year-Old is a big fan — but we’ve yet to convert The 4-Year-Old. He sticks with edamame and rice.

I love when the 3 of us hang out. I try to do something with them daily even if it’s just a cuddle around the glow of an iPad.


Competing in a CrossFit Competition. Saturday I participated in a partner comp at a local CrossFit affiliate. My team wasn’t even close to winning but we had a blast and the workouts were fun. Here are all the male/female teams from my gym.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 8.53.11 PM

Seeing Dead Pool with The Husband. Last minute we got a sitter for Saturday night and joined some friends at the movies. It was awesome!

Bowling and Playing Pool! Sunday The Husband and I had a date planned for Valentine’s Day. We met friends at the bowling alley and then hit a bar for some pool. We had such a good time. It’s been way to long since I had a pool cue in my hands.

Planning my Half Marathon Training. A combination of bad weather and lack of motivation has prevented me from running the past few months and I miss it. On a whim I applied to Cabot’s Fit Team thinking a race is exactly what I need for a shot of inspiration. Well, they picked me! So it looks like I’ll be running the Middlebury Maple Run in May!


Practicing the Guitar! I can’t lie, I love fiddling with it even though I only know 2 chords. I sit with it at least 10 minutes a day and just practice. I’d honestly do it more if I could. This is right next to me right now. I actually stopped practicing just so I could write this.


Attempting to Master Pull-Ups. I’m so tired of not making pull-up progress. I’ve been talking about them for years and yes, I can do one (sometimes two), which was a HUGE accomplishment for me but I’ve been pretty stagnant since. Actually I think I’ve gone backwards a little bit so I decided to start the Armstrong Pull-Up Program. Today was day 1. My goal is 10 weeks. I’ll keep you posted!

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    February 16, 2016

    I have been practicing pull ups for three years and same thing, no progress. It is what it is. We are still strong, so I’d try not to worry too much.

    Jeri Lyn

    February 16, 2016

    Hi Roni,
    I don’t post often, but wanted to let you know, I’m so glad you’re taking care of yourself & your family, BUT just in case you think no one cares, WE DO & we miss your blogs/posts/e-mails when your not around.
    Hopefully you’ll find room for all of us. ;)
    Thanks for all you do,
    Jeri Lyn


    February 17, 2016

    Once again, I am drawn to comment on your post…I love that you link to previous posts, and today my favorite link was your weight loss aha moment. I could comment on that one, but it was reading both posts today that I needed. I teared up, I admit. I am so happy for you, in all that you did in the past (reaching your goal weight, running the 5ks, half and full marathons, competing in CrossFit events…all of it) but seeing how you are living your life to its fullest (and still sharing it with us your readers), you are so inspiring. You make me look at my own life and how I’ve changed over the past 5 years, losing weight only being a small part of it all. Thank you, Roni. Even if blogging has taken a back seat in this “season” of your life, know that you have touched us and inspired us and influenced our lives in so many ways.