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3 Days, 2 Hotel Rooms and 1 Awesome Training Course!

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This weekend was intense, exhausting and awesome all at the same time.

Friday I was a hot mess.  Traffic around the Baltimore area was a disaster after a police chase ended in a head-on collision on the highway. It was the second fatal accident on the stretch of 95 I travel most on in as many days.  Scary.

I really thought we weren’t going to get out of the area for The Husband’s annual office Christmas party Friday night. It’s normally a 2-hour drive but the Baltimore incident combined with an overturned tractor trailer in Delaware turned into a 4-hour excursion.

We made it to the hotel a little after 8, got ready in record time and made it to dinner about 2 hours late.


The party was fantastic. We danced the night away and had a much needed night out together without the kids. Both of us have been pretty stressed lately so it was nice to reconnect and have some fun.


It’s also fun to dress up once a year!


The next morning I was off to CrossFitKids training.


Sitting through the first lecture I knew I was right where I was supposed to be. Here’s a excerpt from the training material:

Our goal at CrossFit Kids is to educate children and teens about functional fitness and inspire them to pursue it. We believe these will be the foundational experiences our children require to embark on lifelong journeys of wellness that will enable them to effectively perform simple yet necessary tasks well into their adult years. Our dream is to foster a generation of healthy, fit individuals who require limited assistance and enjoy freedom of movement and activity throughout their lifespans. To that end, we design each of our workouts with the varied modalities that will increase fitness levels across a broad spectrum of performance and health considerations. Always functional, never boring, CrossFit Kids resolves the issues of our sedentary, noxious lifestyles. Working the body according to the way it was designed, we are training a generation to take responsibility for their health via the path of least resistance.

This is my passion. I am on a lifelong journey for wellness. I want to effectively perform tasks and require limited assistance as I age. I have taken responsibility for my health and I want to influence as many people as I can (especially kids) to do the same.

I’m not kidding when I say I was almost brought to tears multiple times in class. I know that’s cheesy but it’s true. I really enjoy working with kids and feel like I can be a healthy, positive influence on them during a very impressionable time.

This was my training group.


We covered a lot of material and had a bunch of fun hands-on activities together. I can’t wait to start building our program at the gym. There’s a lot of work to do but I’m really looking forward to it.

I made it home a little before 7 tonight and hung out with the kids before bed time. The Husband and I are now watching Attack the Block and I’m staying up way too late as usual.

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    December 14, 2015

    That dress is amazing. So pretty. Where did you find it?


      December 16, 2015



    December 17, 2015

    wow, that stretch is pretty erratic for sure. beautiful dress, just gotta photoshop that “pull” sign out of it. LOL. Great job on crossfit kids training, I’m jealous…that sounds like well rounded instruction from xf level 1 to xf kids.