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Celebrating Gains!

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This morning I was on cloud nine after hitting a 10 pound Shoulder Press PR (personal record.) I couldn’t believe it.


That’s a screen shot of Wodify, the app we use at the gym to track ourselves and schedule classes. We started using it a few months back and I love it! No more notebook to remember (that’s how I used to track my lifts) and now I get all these pretty graphs now.

Anyway, back to this shoulder press. I still can’t believe the progress I’ve made. And it’s not only this lift, it’s everything I’m doing at the gym. I’ve been feeling really strong lately. Really strong.

Today’s food…

Pre-workout: Strange but I was craving a ham sandwich so I toasted a slice of bread, added a few slices of ham, a smear of mustard and ate it on the way to the gym.

Breakfast: Sweet potato sautéed with a coconut oil, dried rosemary and leftover pork loin. It was delicious!

Lunch: Sashimi, California roll, green salad, wonton soup — The Husband persuaded me to go to lunch before all the craziness of Thanksgiving.

Lots of cooking taste tests! (Stuffing is made, pumpkin loaf, pumpkin pie)

Dinner: Tortellini and Turkey Meatballs

Snacks: Baked BBQ chips with salsa and a small bar of dark chocolate

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