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A Happy Halloween Weekend!

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My weekend rocked!

I love Halloween. There’s no pressure of shopping or presents or family visits. No big dinner to stress over (although I do love cooking on Thanksgiving for everyone!). And I get to watch all the horror movies I want!

Our weekend started on Friday with a parade at Evan’s school — the same school Ryan went to 6 years ago. So he joined him and it was as cute as cute can be.


They have such a great relationship so far. It’s fun watching them interact.

After dinner I had a meeting at the gym and then I came home and made a pumpkin pie.  I didn’t snap any photos but it came out fantastic! Even The Husband thought so and he never likes my healthy baking experiments.

I’m hoping to make it again this week so I can post on GreenLiteBites. I also made a really quick and tasty pumpkin soup that I will post ASAP!


So delicious and all it’s pretty much just pumpkin, broth, ginger, and coconut milk. I’ve been eating it all weekend.

Saturday afternoon was our community parade. The kids march through the neighborhood and then pick up a pumpkin of treats.


We came home, ate dinner and then headed out trick-or-treating. We all had a blast! The boys were great and The Husband and I got to chat walking around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful night!

We got home, dumped their take and relaxed.


I don’t know what got into me but I had ZERO desire to have any candy and I haven’t had one piece! It just doesn’t seem to be worth it. I’ve been feeling really good ever since my talk with coach about listening to my body.

The boys, on the other hand, have been going to town!

Here they are first thing this morning trading. They have completely different tastes so it works out pretty well.


Speaking of tastes, I’m still in a dinner-for-breakfast phase. Today I had leftover homemade beef-a-roni.


Right afterwards I threw dinner in the crockpot. Chicken thighs, potatoes and carrots.


I also made the boys Banana Oatmeal Cups. We have a homemade feast on the island now that includes the muffins, my pie and the bowl of homemade pumpkin seeds that has been steadily diminishing.


After my Sunday cook-fest we were all about the cleaning. Everyone did their part.


With a few shenanigan breaks of course.


Ryan and I left the cleaning party to head to the gym. We finished up the kid’s room.


And I snuck in some yoga with the group.


This is a new Sunday tradition. I open the gym for folks at 10 and then at noon a small group of us stretch together.


Ryan and I came home starving so we raided the fridge for leftovers.


The rest of the afternoon we finished up our chores and then settled in for dinner.

Someone was NOT pleased with his crockpot meal.


We ended up compromising.  I gave him raw carrots instead of the cooked ones and he ate the chicken and potatoes.

Still a win in my book. He’s going through a stubborn stage right now, but I have faith he’ll get over it — much like his brother, who is now usually a joy at the dinner table.

That’s about it for my awesome weekend.

Hope you had a great Halloween!

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    November 2, 2015

    My youngest daughter hates cooked veggies but loves raw ones. I find that odd because I’m the exact opposite for the most part, but I’m thrilled that she loves her veggies so who cares!


    November 2, 2015

    Oh gosh, that last picture of Evan just totally cracks me up! What a nice weekend you guys had.


    November 2, 2015

    I STILL don’t like cooked carrots, but have raw ones almost every day.
    Sounds like a fun weekend.


    November 2, 2015

    I used to love trading halloween candy! Take note of what they’re tastes are. I’ve noticed with my friends and others that adults who tend to crave sour candy have always been naturally thin, whereas the chocolate-lovers (ME!) have struggled/still struggle with weight. No idea if there’s anything behind this. But I’ve been noticing this pattern a lot!

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