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2 Days of Cooking Craziness!

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Happy Post-Thanksgiving or should I say Black Friday?

For the first time in years I didn’t go shopping. Not that I troll the sales or anything, I just normally shop with Mom for a holiday dress but this year we changed things up a bit and just relaxed all day.

Relaxed after 2 days of cooking (and eating) that is!

It all started Wednesday…

A few years ago I started the tradition of making a pot of sauce and pasta the night before Thanksgiving. It’s fairly easy for me make and it works well for feeding a lot of people.

So my 2 days of cooking started with a pot of Homemade Sauce and Turkey Meatballs.


Then I pulled out an oldie but a goodie (Simple Pumpkin Spiced Loaves) to have some festive bread on hand.


I normally make small loaves but I didn’t have the pans so I plopped all the batter for a big loaf.


It was almost gone before we went to bed. The kids loved it!

Next up was the stuffing. I always make it the night before because there’s so much chopping involved.


After dinner I made my — now famous — pumpkin pie.


I still don’t have a pie pan so I decied to make it in a casserole dish so we can cut it in squares. It worked like a charm!

Thanksgiving day started with an awesome workout at the gym. We had an amazing showing for our Turkey Day WOD!


There was a class right after ours just as big too. It was awesome!

I got home and hit the kitchen. There was much to be done.  I was hoping to snap some photos but I just didn’t have it in me.  Here’s our final spread.


There’s turkey, of course, roasted sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, roasted Brussel sprouts, stuffing, cranberry sauce (homemade and canned,) crescent rolls, and my liquid gold homemade gravy. Yes, it was THAT good.

If you can believe it. This is “The Toddler” waiting to eat.


I don’t know what happened either.

This year we were a little light on family as my parents weren’t able to come until Friday.


Since I’m never in the shot I decided to take a quick selfie.


My plate. Although, I realized I forgot the stuffing right after I took the photo. I always have a little.


After dinner and clean up we hit the games. It’s a family tradition and we always take a photo of the winner who happened to be The Husband when we played Clue…


And The Husband and me when we played Trivia Pursuit.


We tried to get a family photo but you know… kids and their funny faces.


I love it!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday by far.

I didn’t keep a food journal yesterday but I picked it back up today!

Breakfast: Leftover Thanksgiving Hash — I posted it on GreenLiteBites — click here.

Snack: veggies with hummus

Lunch: Salad with mixed greens, leftover turkey, smoked cheddar, slivered almonds,  and a quick dressing made by thinning by homemade cranberry sauce with water.

Nibble: 1/4 of 4-Year-Old’s grilled cheese because it was there and it look SOOO good.

Dinner: A ton of homemade Turkey Noodle soup — it came out so good I ate like 3 bowls!

Snack: Popcorn and peach wine with Mom while watching a movie.

Tomorrow I’m headed to Philly for my CrossFit Level 1 training! I’m excited but nervous!

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    I hope the certification goes well!


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    Beautiful pic you + the husband!