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There’s Nothing a Little Scream and a Doughnut Can’t Fix

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Today was a bit of a roller coaster ride. It started out fantastic! I hit the ground running at 7 a.m. baking up a storm.


I bought a big bag of kale last week so I could make Whole Wheat Chocolate-Kale Banana Muffins and I had the best helper.


He doesn’t have the same attention span as his brother did at this age when it comes to cooking. I usually lose him after a few minutes.


While he entertained himself I finished the muffins and roasted a butternut squash.


I also got dinner in the crockpot!


That’s a big chunk of pork loin sitting in (pretty much) this marinade — I just ran out of onion so I had to use the dehydrated stuff.

After I pureed the squash (also for dinner) I grabbed a bowl of homemade chicken soup and hung out with the kids.


Then it was clean-up time!

The stove desperately needed some attention.


I took care of that while the kids straightened up the living room.


That’s when it happened….

I’m battling a head cold, the kids were fighting, and I lost it.  We had to have a little attitude adjustment talk.

Translation: I yelled for a bit.

I know it’s not the best thing I can do as a parent but sometimes I do lose it with them. However, I always try to explain why I’m so upset and in hopes they can at least slightly see things from my point of view.

We all got over it and headed to Maize Quest to meet my parents — it’s a yearly tradition!

On our way, both kids confessed they didn’t feel well and that’s when it happened. Poor Evan threw up in a bag about 10 minutes away from the park. Thankfully we had a bag handy and we all helped keep it under control.

Moments later he was raring to go!


Why yes, that is his halloween costume. He wears it every day!

The kids finally got to meet Cowboy in person as he joined us through the maze.


We completed it in record time this year! All the kids did an amazing job! No one whined. No one argued.


I still can’t believe it, especially after the morning we had.

The kids were so cute — they didn’t feel good when we got there, they mushed through, then they didn’t want to leave yet they BOTH fell asleep within moments of getting in the car.


When we got home, dinner was waiting for us. (I forgot to take a photo.)

After dinner, some cider and doughnuts from the farm!


I’m not normally a doughnut person but the smell at the farm store got me.

I enjoyed one guilt-free after dinner with a big smile on my face and it was the perfect way to to end the day.

Now I’m settling in for my zombie fix. However, I’m not sure I’ll make to the end. My eyes are already closing!

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    October 25, 2015

    Must’ve been the day for mommies to lose it. I also had a moment like that this afternoon with mine. Hate it! But sometimes when they are arguing nonstop it just comes out. Whew! Great catch with the bag. LOL


    October 26, 2015

    That is the best Halloween costume I’ve seen in a long time!


    October 26, 2015

    I love how you keep it real and don’t sugar coat anything in your daily life.

    Being a parent is not always all wonderful and losing your cool sometimes happens as it should at times.

    Many bloggers forget that keeping it real makes what is written even better than pictures of clean homes, perfect kids, food that looks like a professional chef prepared it and so on. So I thank you for taking the time to keep it real. Its part of why I continue to read.