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I Seized My Sensational Sunday

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I hit the ground running this morning and haven’t stopped yet. I’m attempting to get this done before The Walking Dead so bear with me as I let the photos do most of the talking.

First thing I did was make dinner.


It was a crockpot day because I knew I’d be out during dinner time. So I plopped in all the ingredients for Simple Chicken and Oat Stew With Northern Beans using the last of the broth I made last week.

Next I set my sights on Banana Oat Cups.


I made a slightly new version that I plan to post on GreenLiteBites this week. Also notice the dino Halloween custom. He hasn’t taken it off since Thursday when we bought it. Four has a lot of fun quirks mixed in with the non-stop chatter and annoying whining.

Ten is also fun but in a totally different way.


While the muffins were baking I also made a dozen hard-boiled eggs for the week — click here for my technique.

After that busy prep morning I took the boys with me to the gym for work. We got lots accomplished (cleaning and organizing) and then I took yoga with group.


Afterwards a group of us from yoga decided to go for pizza and blue lollipops.


I rushed home from lunch, dropped off the kids at home, took a shower and then headed back out to meet my friends. We had a date to see Crimson Peak.

It was a beautiful movie. Not as scary as I would have liked but enjoyable.

I got home from the movie and ate a wonderful crockpot dinner with the boys.


The family then worked together to get dinner cleaned up, laundry folded, and baths done. All my bookends are complete!


It was a great day!

The Walking Dead just started so I’m signing off.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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