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On BMI, Diets, Hotel Breakfasts and Dog Training

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I’m in the home stretch, people — the home stretch — one more day of training and then our test. If Cowboy passes he’ll get his harness and service dog papers. And I’ll be driving home home one happy girl.

I’ve been posting a lot on IG and Facebook. It’s funny, things I would have saved for posts just a few years ago seem so much easier shared on social networks, especially when your main form of access is you phone and you’re out of your element.

That said, now I’m probably turning random social media shares into one big blog post when I probably shouldn’t but, oh well, you’ll have this.

1. On BMI

I can’t remember who shared it with me but someone sent me this article from the NY Times on BMI.

…there was a strong relationship between B.M.I. and body fat percentage, but for almost one in five adults, the two measurements disagreed.

This is interesting to me. My experience and part of the reason I stopped weighing myself as a tool and measure for maintenance…

      • When I lost weight through dieting alone (no exercise) my BMI was normal, even low.
      • When I started working out regularly, specifically weight training, my BMI rose.

The last time I went to the doc she warned me I was on the border of overweight. Yet I’m the fittest (and happiest) I’ve ever been.

Know YOU and don’t let some arbitrary number whether it be weight or BMI affect you negatively to the point you are abandoning your goals. What’s more important? The number or your happiness and well being?

Me? After 10 years at this I no longer look to my weight as a measure of success.

Am I eating a variety of healthy foods and minimizing junk/binges?

Am I moving more, staying active and getting stronger?

Am I happy?

That is how I “weigh” myself now.

Of course I didn’t get here overnight and the scale was an important tool I did use to get to this place. I’m not anti-scale. I’m just pro-people-finding-what-works-for-them-without-any-pressure AND I want people to know what works for them may change. So many people get stuck in a one-way-do-things mindset but if I peer back through the years at my own success it’s in part due to my willingness to change and evolve as I changed and evolved.

2. On Diets

So Mom and I are at lunch today and decided to order a lunch special that included a salad and personal pizza. When I noticed the restaurant offered a “crustless pizza” option I got all excited.

Mom asked if I was eating low carb again and I said no.

If I was eating low carb I wouldn’t have had ice cream yesterday or toast this morning. I’m just being smart with my food choices because that’s how I reach (maintain) my goals.

This is just how I eat now. There are no more diets.

Then I was a smart ass and said, it’s called ‪#‎wycwyc‬ mom, I think someone wrote a book a about it. ;)

A few minutes later she checked Facebook and saw this…


and I said… SEE! Exactly!

3. On Hotel Breakfasts

I’ve been sharing my hotel cooking adventures on GreenLiteBites but I haven’t talked about breakfast so I thought I’d share. I pretty much alternate these two things all week.

Two eggs on whole wheat toast with a drizzle of sriracha.

Two eggs on whole wheat toast with a drizzle of Sriracha.

Slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and sliced banana.

Slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and sliced banana.

Our whole strategy of eating breakfast and dinner in and lunches out has been a smashing success. I can’t lie though, SO MUCH EASIER to do without The Husband around. He’s my eating out bad influence.

4. On Dog Training.

It’s going great! As I said, Friday we test out and then we’re done. It’s been a great experience but I’m homesick for sure. However I am grateful to spend lots of time with Mom and my niece, I loved learning tons about dog training, and I’m almost all done reading the CrossFit cert stuff!

I’ve also had lots of fun taking photos.


Cowboy was such a good boy today.


We had another trip to the mall to practice. Judy and I spent some time window shopping while mom practiced.


We found the pet store and fell in love.


That’s about it from my world. I probably won’t be back until I’m home. I’m planning on making Sunday my best Sensational Sunday ever!

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    September 4, 2015

    I always think about the pressures when it comes to diet and exercise and I just end up frustrated and unsatisfied with my progress. I am really amazed how you handle them. Gonna work out that same kind of attitude too!! Thanks for a great post Roni! Wishing you a happy sensational Sunday. ;)


    September 4, 2015

    Cowboy is so cute! :D And I agree – no diets, just healthy eating and kickboxing for me! has amazing kickboxing classes for women, and other fun cardio, dance, martial arts and training programs as well! Best of luck!

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