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What Keeps Me Going?

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Normally when I see a candid photo of myself I’m all like… Ugh. Am I that big? Look at my thick thighs… I thought I looked better in that shirt… My arms are so big… I used to be so much skinnier…. and on and on.

Today I was going though the photos from vacation and this one the 10-year-old took stopped me in my tracks.

My back

My immediate thoughts were…

Is that my back? Is that how strong I look? I have awesome posture!

I’m not exactly sure when I flipped that switch in my brain from negative to positive (and I’m not sure it’s permanent yet) but I will say the more I focus on what my body can do instead of what it looks like, the more I appreciate it regardless of aesthetics.

I can carry my 40-pound 4-year old effortlessly.

I can kayak for 7 miles without even giving it a second thought.

I can manage two kids at the airport with all our carry-on luggage.

I don’t think I will ever look the way I think I should (the way society thinks I should??) but I know I can do a hell of a lot more now than I ever could.

People always ask what keeps me going, well…


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    August 20, 2015

    That was terrific.


    August 20, 2015

    Bravo!!! I came across an incredible picture of a huge brown bear standing on it’s hind legs today while reading some stuff. I posted a picture of that bear on Facebook today. I wrote “do you think this bear cares what people think of him”? “Be a bear”. I hope that doesn’t sound too crazy. He was magnificent and something about him made me feel like that’s the way I want to be, to carry myself. And to hell with everything else (or what anyone else thinks).
    Roni, you’re a bear!


    August 21, 2015

    It tickles me that the (for lack of a better term) “cross-fit” body is what is starting to be the new ideal for many 20 something females. Bigger arms, thicker legs, broader shoulders because of MUSCLES. So great that the end of the waif-ideal era seems to be upon us!


    August 21, 2015

    That is awesome. I am working toward getting to the feeling you felt looking at that picture and trying to enjoy the journey :) I love your idea of taking a trip with the boys every year!

    Yes!!! When I saw that picture, before I even read your thoughts on it, I thought, “Wow, she looks so strong!” Way to go, Mama!

    Claude (Ironman) M.

    August 21, 2015

    Totally symmetrical, very Awesome, exudes strength! I noticed 1st how you are not sagging to the left as you carry your 40 lb charge (as so many Women do, wilting under the charge).
    I’m totally impressed at your metamorphosis since I’ve followed you, it boggles the mind!
    And yes, an absolute validation for flipping that switch in your mind to the (+). That’s where it will always start.

    An admirer


    August 21, 2015

    Gosh, gaining strength is my goal. It’s been a slow progress for me. I’m not seeing it as fast I would like to. But the idea of walking around with my 40lbs niece or nephew over my shoulders would makes me beam! That photo and your story from where you started is always a motivator.


    August 23, 2015

    You are awesome! Thank you for your blog. I am trying to treat my body better and you have inspired me over and over with your honesty. Keep it up!

    Foodlove Girl

    August 24, 2015

    Well said! That is inspiration indeed! Thanks for sharing! Strong is the new skinny!