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I Can’t DO It!

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The boys and I before a local 5k event in our home town this morning.


We just found out about it and registered this past week. Ryan was ALL excited so I figured we’d do it together and push Evan in the stroller.

It was a blast!

Evan wanted to run a bit at first and made it maybe 2 tenths of a mile before burning out. Then he hopped in the stroller and we ran at Ryan’s pace.

He ran the first mile pretty consistently. After that I’d set goals he could run to before taking a break. The last mile was pure torture for him. He kept shaking his head and saying, “I can’t do it” over and over.

I tried so hard to get him to verbalize that he could (and he was) even though he didn’t believe it. I totally sounded like a cheesy motivational poster, which we laughed about as trotted toward the finish line.

Then that last stretch he pushed himself and pushed hard, picking up the pace to cross the finish line at 43:47.


I was so proud of him. He totally gets why you can and should run even if you aren’t the fastest or the best. It’s hard for him but he already knows nothing beats that feeling of doing something you thought you couldn’t do.

Afterwards we hung out, ate some snow cones and played at the park.


Then we came home and Ryan pounded down a salad.


He cracks me up!

I decided to grill for lunch and we had a feast of marinated turkey thighs, potatoes and salad.


The rest of the afternoon was clean-up and playing before my movie date. A couple of friends and I were all over The Gift. I love thrillers and it was great! There were two amazing jumps that got the whole theater. So fun!

I came home and grilled again because, well….  I’m obsessed.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.11.09 PM

That was pretty much my Sunday. I’m off to watch the season finale of True Detective.

Hope you had a good weekend!

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    August 10, 2015

    YAY RYAN!!!! Way to go! I remember the first 5k my oldest and I did together. He was 6 years old and actually kept *me* motivated to finish. We did a fitness walking pace, though, not running. Your grilled foods look so good! I love colby jack cheese.


    August 10, 2015

    My daughter was about that age when she and I did her first (and last) 5k. She didn’t like it. In fact she hated it. I never pushed her into one again. The parents I know that do, and have, well their kids are not running as adults. Mine is.


    August 10, 2015

    I entered my daughter in a 5k when she was about your son’s age. She didn’t like it. In fact she hated it. The parents of the kids who were pushed into the sport because they love running, well, as adults they aren’t running anymore. Mine is.


    August 10, 2015

    That’s awesome that you got your son to run with you!! He will always remember that…

    We just got a new grill and I’m in love with it too!! What’s you favorite recipe for the grill? I have been cooking everything on there…I want to try fish but hesitant because I’m not sure how it will come out.