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Clothing to Help You Lose Weight? Bazinga!

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Let me get this out in the open right away, that title is TOTAL link bait based on a pitch I received this morning for a new weight-loss apparel company.

Yes, you read that correctly: weight-loss apparel.

*face palm*

Of course the email started with all this B.S. about how they love my blog and that I should be proud about all the work I do for health and fitness. Yada yada yada.

Then they go on to tell me they are a start-up that is developing a vest that tricks your body into thinking it’s in a colder environment, which “sends your metabolism into overdrive and assists in weight loss.”

I can interview their CEO or accept one of their unique articles to publish on my blog!

Lucky ME!

(Notice the hint of sarcasm in my voice.)

I’m not a scientist, trainer, doctor, dietitian or anything else that qualifies me to talk about how many more calories you may burn if you “trick” your body into thinking it’s colder than it is.  That said, I am a HUMAN BEING and if I truly believed being cold would help me lose weight wouldn’t I just try to keep myself cold all the time, continually drink ice water, and take an obscene amount of cold showers?

Done. Problem solved. No need to pay some company for coldness.  In most regions it’s free quite a few months of the year — and come to think of it is there an abundance of skinny people in colder climates?

Of course I’m being a bit sarcastic. Blame the persistent sore throat I’ve had for 3 days now, My patience is running thin with all the coughing and sniffling.

Thankfully I’ve gotten more uplifting emails recently as a result of the MyFitnessPal blog post about my stolen before and after photos — click here to check it out. They asked to re-share the story (it happened a while back) and I agreed, of course! I’m so tired of weight-loss scams feeding off our insecurities.

Well, everyone and their mother must subscribe to the MyFitnessPal blog because my email has been blowing up with messages like this…

Bazinga, as Sheldon on Big Bang theory would say. Read your blog and that’s how I felt about make the journey your own!!! Oh yes!! I’m a baby boomer and fighting my athletic, strong body for years for every pound I’ve lost. My Aha moment has found me!!!!! I will read it over and over and my journey will start anew this moment. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, and as a former ww leader said if it’s to be, it’s up to me!! And I’m readyf for a totally new journey!!! Roslyn

(I totally stole her Bazinga idea for my title. It made me laugh.)

The post she is referring to is this one, which is linked from the MyFitnessPal article. In it I share my bare-bones weight-loss approach. Five tips, or rather strategies, that really did work for me.

However, and I can’t stress this enough, using those strategies are not going to give you the perfect bikini body. I make no promises you will lose 30 pounds in 30 days. I don’t know how to rev up your metabolism, get rid of cellulite or even stop your hunger.

Nope, all I’m here to do is serve as an example. An example of someone who constantly looked for the quick fix, the magic pill, and the perfect plan that would miraculously help me look like all the skinny models in the magazines.

I can’t scream this loud enough…


It will never exist.

Don’t fall for it. Whatever “it” may be.

Stop trying to find the answer externally.

I’m a realist, at least I try to be. First and foremost we need to accept not everyone can (or wants to) look like the prototypical skinny model (whatever that may be at the moment because it’s a moving target in and of itself). There are a variety of body types and you simply can’t diet yourself from one into the other. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Second, if you want to make changes to your weight and appearance you are going to have to make changes to your habits. One can’t happen without the other. So yes, if you have the ability to follow some crazy plan, pop some appetite suppressants and wear clothing that somehow aids you in calorie burning you probably WILL lose weight. However, sticking to those types of programs long term is the problem with dieting, isn’t it? Do you really want to follow a strict diet ALL THE TIME? Do you really want to pop pills to ALL THE TIME? Do you really want to buy special clothes that trick your body into thinking it’s cold ALL THE TIME?

If being skinny really is THAT important to you then I guess you would do those things (some people do!) but the truth is, it’s not. It’s not a matter of will power or motivation or strength. It’s a bad combination of unrealistic goals and desperate measures that just keeps people in the same gain-loss cycles. I saw it in myself. I see it in my friends. I see it everywhere.

Mike left this comment a few days ago on the post I mentioned above…

Hi Roni! First time reader and boy was I floored at your spot-on articulation of what has worked for me. When I began, I tracked on myfitnesspal and they do a great job of installing a “journey” mindset. When I began to experiment and find tweaks that worked for me it really hit home that it is a personal journey. Not being constricted to a “plan” gave me the room to enjoy what I was doing. Tracking led to insights and better choices but I’m not a slave to the food scale. I found the thing that works best for me — running – after building towards it with other lower impact stuff. I’m 80 lbs down after almost 2 years and continue on my journey to lose weight to allow me to enjoy my favorite activity even more — not because I want to look better in jeans. I’d say that feels pretty healthy!

Notice some key words and phrases he used:


All key things!

Cathy just left this comment…

Wow. This Sounds so much like the journey that I started this year. Hated dieting, hate gyms thought I was doomed to be overweight till I finally did me in. However I started eating clean (real foods/ not processed ) and tracking calories with an easy to use APP, in January and suddenly I am down almost 30 lbs and several inches and moving more and more! When people ask me how I did it I simply can’t answer how it started but I eat consciously daily. I like your point about not fearing hunger. That works too. Thanks for confirming that the voice in my head is not a fiction! Thought she only spoke to me! Great post!

Notice her key words…

  • DID ME

I don’t think this a coincidence. We need to move away from crazy, restrictive diets. There’s no magic formula, system or device that’s going to do. Something needs to click within you and then you start to see the power of doing what you can when you can.

I refuse to say “I did it and so can you” as I now see how wrong and, quite frankly, insulting that is. I have a friend who’s a figure competitor and although I admire how she can follow a strict diet and sculpt her body I can NOT do what she has done nor do I want to. We all have our own goals and motivations. We are all inspired by different things. My only hope is that we (the collective we who get obsessed with weight loss) will one day stop pursing some super skinny ideal and instead simply incorporate healthy habits that will naturally lead to weight loss. Maybe not Hollywood’s definition of weight loss but a healthy, happy life without the scale and size obsession.

OK, maybe I’m not a realist after all. But one can dream.

By the way my response to the pitch was simply:

Thanks but I’m not interested.


Food Journal

  • 7:45 a.m. Kellogg’s Special K Nourish Hot Cereal with added almonds — They sponsored FiBloggin‘ and gave samples. I’m normally a homemade gal but I figured I’d give these a try since I had them.
  • 9 a.m. Made experimental avocado waffles for the kids and had to taste test. They were OK, not great. The kids ate them though. I think they are used to my experiments. Then again everything is better with syrup and chocolate chips. lol
  • 11 a.m. coconut chips and a hot tea while out running errands. My throat is STILL SORE. ugh.
  • 1 p.m. Guac Turkey Burger on a Tortilla Bun — working on getting the recipe out.
  • 5 p.m. broth for my throat again and a granola bar as I was off to walk and knew we wouldn’t be eating for a awhile.
  • 6:30 p.m. I was going to cook but I just didn’t have it in me so I took the boys out while The Husband was playing tennis. We split sushi and I had some hot and sour soup. Now that’s good for the throat!
    Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 7.35.11 PM

Activity Journal

  • 6 a.m. workout – I skipped the gym’s programming and just worked on pull-ups and Turkish getups. Still not 100% so I took it easy. Even skipped my morning walk.
  • 5:30 p.m. Walk to dinner and back. Ryan didn’t want to but he ended up talking my ear off. I love that!
    Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 7.35.22 PM
  • 8 a.m. nerf gun battle with the kids in the basement. I was out of breath!

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    July 3, 2015

    A couple of days ago I stumbled on your article about stolen pics through fitness pal. And since then I have spent many HOURS reading tons of your posts! Wow! So inspiring and refreshingly honest. Thank you.
    I turned 40 last November and decided last summer that I was going to give myself the gift of a half marathon for my birthday. I was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a runner. I have since ran 2 halfs and one 15km race. Something has finally clicked…I am no longer on the quest for skinniness (what I had longed for for so many years) but am now on the journey to health, strength, self acceptance and self love!!! I am certain that stumbling upon your blog was just another piece of this puzzle falling into place. Thank you!!


    July 3, 2015

    Great post today (and title lol). I know from my own experience with this whole thing- there is no One Way. Weight loss IS about calories and math-that’s science. But there’s gobs of secondary factors that are also a part of it, under that truth. For me IF was the secondary factor that I used to lose the weight, along with no exercise at all during my active weight loss phase (gasp lol). I lost almost 60lbs and got my glucose number out of the pre-diabetic range and back into the normal range. My sister on the other hand has used Weight Watchers, along with running as her secondary factors, and she also lost the extra weight (we’re both in maintenance now). Two very different set of secondary factors, under the umbrella of Calories In, Calories Out, and we’re both doing great :) The trick is finding what secondary factors will work best with your lifestyle, personality etc. Once you get that part figured out, the rest is pretty simple!

    Felicity K.

    July 3, 2015

    That is pretty hilarious but people will *always* gravitate towards that quick fix and if you really could lose weight just by wearing something that would be awesome! I do wonder how many people will actually go out and buy their stuff though. Kinda sad really.