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Nothing and Everything

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Today was pretty low key.

There was a lot of Wii playing.




Puzzle doing.


Even a bit of cleaning.


I haven’t really been feeling well and I kind of just lounged around all day. Normally I feel a little guilty and unproductive because I accomplished nothing, but what I’m learning is that just hanging out with these two is really everything.


Food Journal

  • Pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon – I made a big breakfast for the kids and my parents. It was nice.
  • Taco salad made with salad greens, leftover chicken, avocado, cheese and salsa.
  • Orange
  • Popcorn with a bit of coconut oil and salt during The Walking Dead — off to make it now.

Activity Journal 

  • Rest day!


  • Drank my weight in tea today — STILL have a cough and sore throat. :(
  • Supplements taken

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    March 19, 2015

    Love those puzzles! I want to find a few for my son because he’s just starting to get into them. Do you have any recommendations?


      March 19, 2015

      Target has some great ones right now. They have good colors and are just easy enough to find matches for the little ones. Plus, the are a good thick cardboard. So they stay together.


    March 19, 2015

    Also love that big coloring sheet! Great for little hands!