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Tired, So Very Tired

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I’m popping in really fast while watching Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs for the umpteenth time. It’s The Almost-4-Year-Old’s current movie of choice and between sick days and snow days it’s all I’ve been watching!

The last couple of weeks have been rough. It feels like there’s always at least one person sick and this last round may have gotten me. I’ve been feeling pretty weak and tired since yesterday afternoon. Thankfully pink eye started and ended with the youngest and the oldest was the only one to have that nasty throw-up stomach bug that’s been going around. Of course The Husband is somehow immune to it all. Then again, he’s the worst patient ever so I’d rather he not get sick. I can deal with the kids but a grown man is another story.

Besides that, the weather has been HORRIBLE. It’s either frigidly cold or snowing. There’s no happy medium. We got around 10 inches of snow Saturday, which sucked only because Sunday was shooting day for the #wycwyc book trailer.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it but Carla and I decided to hire a videographer to shoot a fun, informative, motivational #wycwyc video. I took a few photos for a peek behind the scenes.


The whole idea is to show the power of small choices and how having a supportive community like #wycwyc can inspire and motivate you.


I can’t wait to see the end product. I’ve never initiated a professional video like this before. Normally it’s just me and a web cam.

The kids were pretty unfazed with the camera crew taking over the house for the day.


It was pretty funny. Ryan did end up being in a small clip because we were short a kid although our intention was not to have any of us in it.

I feel like I’m in a weird state of flux with the book. We have a publication date (May 5) but it feels so so SO far away. I did get word that it was sent to print AND and got this awesome blurb from Rachel Bertsche, bestselling author of Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me and MWF Seeking BFF: 

“After reading this book, What you can, when you can has become my new motto. It’s the perfect mantra to help me be my best self, without putting unrealistic pressure on myself to be ‘perfect.’ If we all adopted the #wycwyc way of life, we’d all be happier — and healthier too!”

Not going to lie, that made me feel really, really good.

I also noticed we got 3 reviews on Goodreads and the book isn’t even out yet!

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 8.01.12 PM

It’s all very surreal and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s either going to get weirder or just bomb and be forgotten about.

I’m OK with either outcome but at this point I just want to know.

Me? Impatient? Noooo, why do you ask?

Anyway, on the food journal front I took yesterday off. I knew I’d been eating on the run and I didn’t want to the pressure of dealing with it. I did, however, pick it right back up today.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 7.46.16 PM

Ok, that’s all I’ve got tonight. I’m going to have to miss Better Call Saul so I can get to bed early. All the best shows are on too late!

Or… I’m just getting old.

Either way, it sucks and I’m tired.

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    Claude (Ironman) M.

    February 24, 2015

    You’re a pillar of strength, I doubt anything you put so much energy and creativity in will bomb or be forgotten! I can’t wait to see the video and read the book.
    Impatience can be a great teacher if you catch it before the consequence and learn from it. I just did a few days ago in my training.