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A Super Sensational Saturday!

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Today started at the gym. The CrossFit Open kicked off this week and Saturday is when I attempt the official workout.

I’m not thrilled with my score for 15.1 but I did it as prescribed with toes-to-bar, 75-pound snatches and all!

When I got back the kids and I started the laundry and had some fun.


It’s been awhile since we did laundry bombs!


Some how we transitioned to wall climbs…


…and pull ups.


I love how active the kids are lately. They’ve been going to the gym with me at least once a week and there’s definitely a difference in their energy levels. Almost every day Ryan comes off the bus he asks to play outside a bit before doing his homework. And Evan is now obsessed with tumbling. He’s constantly doing somersaults in the living room.

We headed downstairs to start the laundry and got distracted by the trains.


And the track.


He’s so much fun right now! Exhausting … but fun.

I put him back to work unpacking our first Amazon Prime Pantry shipment that came yesterday!


Then we made pancake batter together!


I added yet another ingredient to my How-Many-Healthy-Things-Can-I-Get-Into-a-Pancake Pancakes


They were one of the goodies in my Prime Pantry box. Hemp hearts are high in protein and a good source of omega-6 to omega-3’s and have a really yummy nutty taste.

The kids didn’t even notice and they devoured the pancakes, well, waffles because we decided to put the pancake batter into the waffle iron.

I made myself my latest obsession — eggs with avocado.


I also added leftover baked potato, ham and red peppers.

I topped it all off with salsa and hot sauce and enjoy Ice Age, again.


Then we played Candy Land.


I love that my kids love board games!

The Husband came home from his championship paddle tennis match with a trophy!


He’s won two leagues this year!

Evan and I cleaned up Candy Land and pulled out his favorite dinosaur puzzle. After it was done he matched up his dinosaur figures to the dinosaurs on the puzzle. It was so cute!


Time to fold the laundry!


Someone was upset that he wasn’t good at folding so we came up with a way for him to help with the process.


Instead of folding he would dig out one of his items from the hamper and throw it to me so I could fold it. Any involvement is good.  He was having fun helping and his brother didn’t have to fold alone. It was actually a good time.

We pulled out the dominoes — another family favorite — and had some fun setting up “stacks” as he calls them.


The rest of the afternoon was pretty relaxing. One kid was playing Minecraft with his friends, the other watched TV with Daddy and I was actually left alone!

With dinner approaching I decided to have a little fun with my mandoline and made a fun potato dish.


I just layers purple and sweet potatoes with a bit of olive oil and rosemary.

It was YUMMY! As was all of dinner …


Another family favorite: London broil.

It really was a great day! The best part: tomorrow I have NOTHING PLANNED. Nothing.

And I’m totally looking forward to it. :)

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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    March 2, 2015

    That looks like a great weekend. It reminds me to get out the games and play them with my kids. I did buy a butternut squash this weekend for the first time (thanks to you :) ). I’ve been looking through some of your older stuff on green lite bites. Thanks for the post. I always look forward to it.


      March 3, 2015

      I find the games such an easy way to engage the whole family. We really have fun with them!


    March 3, 2015

    Super-specific question I guess (sorry) but how did you cook that potato dish? I think we’d like that at my house but wondering if you baked (what I would default to, but can take just about forever) or if you microwaved? That serving dish looks like our local Chinese-takeout container to me! (that CAN’T be…)


      March 3, 2015

      Ok, so it’s like a grill pan, that I covered in aluminum foil and baked at 425 for around 30 minutes if not less. I was actually surprised how fast it did cook. I may make again and post more details on GreenLiteBites. It was fun for sure but I was thinly one who ate it. lol