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A New #wycwyc Podcast, Wall Ball Slow-Mo and an Awesome FitBloggin’ Giveaway!

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I’m having one of those weeks. On my way home from Mom’s yesterday I got a call from The 3-Year-Old’s school that he was running a 102 temp.

’tis the season I guess.

Anyway,  I’ve been working on lots of fun stuff lately so I thought I’d pop in before bed to share a few things.

1. A New #wycwyc Podcast

I’m not sure I mentioned it here on the blog yet but Carla and I have been doing a weekly #wycwyc podcast. It’s so fun to chat with her and I love being on a regular podcast schedule again. It’s been awhile.

We not only publish the podcast to iTunes we post the behind the scenes on YouTube! Check it out…

2. Wall Ball Slow-Mo

One of my friends at the gym has been going crazy with the photos and video lately and he has this slow-mo feature which is hysterical! Here I am doing wall balls this morning…

He snapped this shot, too, and I made it my Facebook profile. I love a good action shot.


3. Awesome FitBloggin’ Giveaway

Finally, I posted a fun FitBloggin’ ticket giveaway that includes not only tickets to the conference but 2 nights at our host hotel AND last year’s conference swag bag! Click here to check it out and for details on how to win.

That’s all I’ve got tonight. I got to go, I’m exhausted!

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