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My Foam Roll Routine As Captured by The-9-Year Old

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This is The-9-Year old.

The 9-year-old

He will be my photographer on this foam rolling journey. After I posted about the night before a competition, a few people asked about my foam rolling routine so here goes.

(Note: I’m not a trainer or a physical therapist — just sharing what I do.)

I always start and end with my favorite stretch.

foam roll spine

This feels so good on my chest, shoulders, and neck. I also lift my arms straight up over my head and let them fall backward to get my upper back and neck.

Next I roll my middle back and allow my spine to bend around the roller.

Foam roll middle back

My physical therapist had me doing this for my neck when I was seeing her regularly. After about 10 times back and forth, I tighten my back and get the soft tissue.

Foam roll upper back

Next I move to my calves. I try to put all my weight on the calf and even press down with my other foot. Not only do I roll up and down, I roll my calf left and right.

Foam roll calf

It’s a killer but oh so worth it! The physical therapist at my gym taught me that one.

Once both calves are done, I move up to my hamstrings. I even lean to the side to get my IT bands a little, but mostly focus on the back of my legs.


Once both legs are done I end with my chest again only because it feels so good! Sometimes I also turn over and roll out my quads but usually I do that with a bar at the gym.

This morning when I was finished the boys played a game of “jump over mommy.”


The 3-year-old nearly killed me a few times, but how can I get mad? I mean, look at that face!

3 year old

Overall, my foam roll routine takes about 10-15 minutes. I’m trying to do it a few times a week while watching TV.  It’s my #wycwyc mobility goal. Plus, it gets me off the computer a little earlier before bed. Always a good thing.

Click here for the pdf of this routine thanks to Gail!

In other news…

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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    Kaki Bennett

    January 25, 2015

    I LOVE my foam roller, and it’s so cute that your 9 year old is doing footage for you!! Unfortunately, the roller is the only ‘exercise’ I’m doing now days. It feels SO good, though. It makes me more aware of my posture and my muscle tightness. I haven’t found my groove as far as exercise goes, but I really appreciate your inspiration!!