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Gemini Games Complete!

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We weren’t even close to winning but we did the best we could and I’m proud of our performance.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 9.17.38 PM

The first workout we came in 16th out of 36. It was an 80 calorie row, 60 Shoulder to Overhead at 65 lbs, and 40 burpees in 10 minutes. We were able to finish a complete round plus 8 additional calories. It was slightly less than we practiced but I’m pretty sure I rowed faster than I ever have before.


This was taken right afterwards.


I was finished!

The second was a Full Squat Clean ladder and we may not have been able to finish BUT I completed 2 at 125 lbs! That’s a 7 lb personal best!


Oh! And my friend got them both on video! (albeit pretty low quality)

I was on cloud 9 after that. I’ve been working on full squat cleans with the Olympic lifting coach and apparently it’s paying off!

I felt like the last workout was our best but there was some kind of issue with the scoring so I don’t know where we placed. I also don’t have any photos. We lost most of our spectators (at least the ones who were taking pictures) by this point.

Overall it was an amazing experience. I’m exhausted, of course, but for some reason I’m looking forward to the next time I can compete. I can’t explain why, I just love it!

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    January 18, 2015

    Truly awesome! For someone who never was athletic growing up, this is simply amazing. You DID win, Roni.


    January 18, 2015

    That is awesome! I took 2 months of CF about a year ago. I am back in classes again and love it. I’m weakest at push ups and pull ups. Can you do those Kipling pull ups? Just wondering how long it will take me to get there.


      January 18, 2015

      Honestly Melissa, I’ve been working on them for over 2 years and I still suck. I focused more on strict pull-ups first so I knew I was getting stronger. This will be my kipping year though, I can feel it. :)

    Jennifer Burnett

    January 18, 2015

    I just came across your blog yesterday after reading about it on The Daily Burn. I too was at the Gemini Games cheering my fellow CrossFit friends on. I saw you do the third wod. Great job on those lunges! My legs would be smoked for sure after doing all those reps that fast. ;)


      January 19, 2015

      Ha! That’s awesome. And my ass is quite sore today. lol