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Fit Club and Mammogram Observations

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Every Monday morning until April I have a date at my son’s school for Fit Club. The gym teachers and I gather a group of about 40 kids for 45 minutes before classes start. They run, do a series of Plyometrics for warm up, work on some strength and then play a game. Today we finished up their bench mark tests so they will be able to see progress when we test again in a few weeks. We’re looking at push-ups, plank, wall sits and a running pacer.

All the kids love it! Of course the game at the end is their favorite. The last 2 weeks we played Queen Ball…


which is a variation of dodge ball.

I’ve volunteered in my son’s gym class quite a few times since he started school. I love being around the kids. They are so much fun and energetic yet all so different.

It’s amazing to me to see the natural, confident competitiveness of some and the (I’m not sure what to call it) fear in others. I was a fear kid growing up. I always worried I would be last or drop the ball or trip over my own feet or lose the game. I wasn’t a natural athlete and it was back then that I declared myself non-athletic, even though part of me always wanted to be.

Being with this group of kids I can see how these self-definition get created. Some of them give up immediately when physically challenged and others seem to have a determination to be the best. Some notice they are falling behind and decide to quit others seem to be motivated to try harder and catch up.

While I was helping the kids with their pushups and marking their reps I caught one say he “only did 2 push-ups” with a pretty glum expression.  He knew his friends were able to do quite a bit more and you can see it bothered him.  Without even thinking I looked straight at him and said,

“Don’t say only! Own it! You did 2 pushups and that’s awesome.  It will be fun to see what you can do next time.”

He actually cracked a smirk and looked relieved. I think he just needed someone to tell him it was ok.

I wouldn’t change my past as it made me who I am today, but I do wonder: if I had someone encourage me differently (instead of telling me I wasn’t a runner) would I have had a different view of athletic endeavors at an earlier age??

Who knows? Maybe I needed to figure things out on my own.

Regardless, I LOVE hanging out with these kids every Monday morning. Motivating them motivates me and their energy is contagious.

And let me tell you, I need a little energy on Monday mornings. Especially monday mornings when I’m staring down a mammogram.

That’s right. Today was my first ever mammogram. It wasn’t fun but it wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought it was going to be. 

My Grandmother had breast cancer in both breast so my doctor thought it would be in my best interest to get a baseline a little early (I’m 38.)

I didn’t know what to expect and I have to say, I was a little nervous. Thankfully the technician was super nice and I felt really comfortable with her. The imaging took a total of 10 minutes and we did 2 shots of each breast. It’s literally 2 seconds of discomfort per image.

If you’ve been putting yours off… DO IT!

I was joking with The Husband, however, that if men had to get their balls squished in a machine they would have come up with something better. It just seems like we should have an easier way by now, no? 

Anyway, those were the two big things that stood out in my crazy day. I feel like I’ve been going non-stop since 5:30 this morning so I’m signing off. I need to sleep! But first, my food journal….

  • 5:45 a.m. Larabar
  • 7 a.m. post workout shake
  • 9 a.m. Roasted Sweet Potatoes and a Hard Boiled Egg
  • 12:30 p.m. Leftover piece of chicken and carrot sticks
  • 2 p.m. Quick sandwich made with leftover pork loin, leftover cranberry sauce, cheese and spinach on an English Muffin
  • 6:30 p.m. Sriracha-Dressed Bacon Cheeseburger Salad and some broccoli on the side.
  • 8:30 p.m. A few almonds and a Christmas Cookie


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    Eric Daniells

    December 8, 2014

    I understand this post all too well, I was a really REALLY big kid growing up, and it felt like that would always be a part of what made me who I am. Overcoming it just wasn’t part of my roadmap because I always felt like I wasn’t good enough, didn’t try hard enough, and not ever getting picked for teams during school where Phys Ed isn’t optional didn’t help get over it. The gym coaches weren’t supportive at all, and treated me with barely disguised annoyance. If someone had been more positive back then, in formative years, who knows… I did finally make the choice to lose weight and get healthy but I lament that it didn’t come sooner in my life.


      December 10, 2014

      My early gym teachers weren’t supportive either. So sad.


    December 9, 2014

    I love your humor. If men had to get their balls squished……thanks for the laugh :)


    December 9, 2014

    Glad your mammogram experience wasn’t too bad. Mine was bad enough that I’ve decided that next time, I’m going to get a little intoxicated beforehand. There’s gotta be a better, less painful way!


      December 10, 2014

      Right? Can’t they do a sonogram or something?? I mean it seems barbaric that we have to squish them.


    December 9, 2014

    What a wonderful presence you must have in that class, Roni! That boy may always carry your encouraging words… you never know. (My 4th grade teacher once told me to “believe in myself” and it still makes me smile). BTW, those Christmas cookies look sooooo good. I don’t know how you stop at just one per day!


      December 10, 2014

      I think about all the positive (and negative) interactions I had as a kid too. It’s crazy to think we are the ones making them for the kids now. And, the only way I stop at 1 is to take it as I’m leaving the kitchen. lol


    December 9, 2014

    I don’t think you realize how much those kind words you spoke to the kid who stated he only did 2 pushups. Sometimes it is something so simple that can make all the difference in the world. Your kindness might be what will make him try harder, realize he is capable & give him just a bit more confidence. This world could sure use a few more parents like you!


      December 10, 2014

      Thanks. :)