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Tuesday Training Update and the #wycwyc Book Cover!

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Phew! What a day! I feel like I’m in warp speed mode or something.

First of all, I’m getting back to these Tuesday Training updates because I want better records of my progress. If I’m being completely transparent, I haven’t kept up with posting about my workouts because I fear you will see me as a total meathead. Then I realized I AM a total meathead! Why hide it?

My perfectionist gene is also up in arms because I’m posting about this in the middle of the week instead of, say, Saturday but whatever, it’s going to have to deal. Tuesday Training has a nice ring to it and I like reserving one day a week for meathead talk. If this isn’t your thing, well you’ll just know to avoid my blog on Tuesdays.

As I mentioned last week, we were testing out in some lifts and I feel great with my progress!  We are basically following a version of Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 lifting program where we use percentages based on the heaviest we can lift and then do 3 sets of increasing weight.

For example, today was Back Squat day. Based on my one rep max I did the following sets.

  • 5 @ 93lbs
  • 5 @ 108lbs
  • 5+ @ 123lbs — The plus (+) means as many as you can possibly do until failure. I ended up with 7 reps before bailing on the bar.

Yesterday we did the same thing for Shoulder Press.

  • 5 @ 63lbs
  • 5 @ 73lbs
  • 5+ @ 78lbs —  I ended up with 7 reps  again. It must be my current magic number.

Overall the program is really cool. It has us lifting heavy for less reps and there is no doubt I’m getting stronger. As one of the trainers in the gym says, you just have to stick with it long term. And I am, so I’m curious to see how I progress.

Tomorrow I will be testing out on dead lifts so I can get a new 1 rep max to use for the Wendler program moving forward. We are also working on bench press and the Olympic lifts (cleans and snatches.)

There’s an Olympic lifting coach at the gym that comes in only two days a week to help people work on form. Unfortunately our schedules don’t match up. But I’ve been talking with The Husband and we figured out a way we can do a bit of kid juggling so I can work with him for at least 30 minutes a week once we get back from Vegas. I really enjoy the lifts and I know I can make much more progress if I worked more on my form. 

Speaking of Vegas, there is that pesky little marathon I signed up for sneaking up on me. I’m not making any announcements yet. My decision and thought process really warrants its own post and I just don’t have the brain power after today. Let’s just say I have two huge pro/con lists I’m still weighing out and leave it at that. I do, however, appreciate everyone’s thoughts! Lots of good advice and things to ponder.

So, overall I had an amazing week in the gym and my food choices have been good overall, too! Yesterday I made an interesting Salmon and Spinach Curry dish.

Salmon Curry

And today I cooked up, quite possibly, the world’s most awesome chili!

Fall chili

I will definitely share the chili on GreenLiteBites, I’m not sure on the Salmon Curry. I fear it may be one of those dishes I think only the cook can love. lol

I can’t explain it but I’m finding it easier and easier to stick with home-cooked food like the above recently. Remember the post I wrote about kale and yogurt? Well, my diet is still following that path and I’m finding the farther down I travel it the easier it is to leave a lot of the junk I used to eat behind. Even The Husband’s Doritos! Which, I’m happy to say, have had no power of me the past few weeks.

OK, back to my whirlwind of a day!

Last night the publisher sent us the final cover of the #wycwyc book!

#wycwyc cover

That’s it! We are waiting for the layout proof and then it’s full steam ahead! It’s still blowing my mind that we did it. Even if we only sell two copies, we did it. We wrote a freakin’ book! And that makes me so happy!

Today I spent time updating the #wycwyc site, its Facebook page, our tumblr site AND the Google+ page with the new art because, well, I’m a freak and I like things to match — told you, I have that perfectionist gene!

I also set up my Amazon Author page and last week I was approved for a Goodreads Author page.

This is all blowing my mind. Never, ever in a million years did I ever think I’d be an “author.”

I’m trying REALLY hard to “throw my past in the trashcan so I can figure out who I’m going to be” and it’s working.

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    Sabrina Alexandra

    November 11, 2014

    I really love that cover! Congratulations!


      November 12, 2014


    Christina Savage

    November 11, 2014

    freaking awesome to have a famous person willing to quote on the front of your book!


      November 12, 2014

      I know!! I’m so lucky to be working with Carla!


    November 12, 2014

    Congratulations Roni great job! Love the cover as well!


      November 12, 2014



    November 12, 2014

    So tell us the scoop on Venus Williams quoting on your book. She has read it??? Congrats on your accomplishment.


      November 12, 2014

      That’s all thanks to my partner Carla! She works with Venus and asked her to read our galley.

    Jeri Lyn

    November 12, 2014

    LOVE the cover & looking forward to reading the book. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I’m SO happy for you, it’s amazing!!!! Ride the high………………… :)
    Jeri Lyn


    November 12, 2014

    That is so cool, the chance to learn from an olympic coach.
    Great that you took your time with the marathon decision. It seems like “self trust” might be a common theme in your life this year, if your blog is an indication. I’ll just throw that out there! Losing the scale, lifting heavier (man, that takes self-trust for sure!), gauging your body when it comes to the race decision/injuries etc., and also cooking new things (though experimental cooking seems like something you’ve enjoyed for several years). Anyway, what can be better than knowing yourself and being able to trust yourself? It seems like it’s is a practice, but you seem to be making great strides with it this year, in my “non-expert, person who doesn’t know you but has followed you for several years” opinion. I also think that perhaps self-trust in the “body” area of life can lead to trusting ourselves in other areas of life, like schedule, needs, etc. (Perhaps that growth is never linear, but that’s ok. That’s real life!)

    Sarah Deman

    November 12, 2014

    I cant wait for the book!