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Just a Relaxing Sensational Sunday

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Let me start this post by stating the obvious: Toddlers don’t understand daylight savings time.

The idea of “falling back” and enjoying an extra hour of sleep, lounging in bed just doesn’t seem to appeal to them.


And that guy is an EARLY riser. He’s been getting up at 4 the past few days to use the potty. I put him back to bed only to have him crawl back into ours by 6.

During the week I’m already at the gym so it’s not big deal but my dream of sleeping in to a glorious 7 on the weekends hasn’t been realized in months.

One day.

I decided to make cookies to kick off our Sunday. I wanted the kids to help but they were too busy playing and, well, there’s just no need to disturb that.


There was a break for licking, of course.


His little brother hasn’t hopped on the batter tasting bandwagon yet so he gets both beaters.

This is the second time I’ve made these pumpkin cookies, polishing the recipe for GreenLiteBites.

UPDATE: The cookie recipe is posted! Click here!


The kids both love these! I hope to get the recipe up in the next couple of days.


After our fun cookie breakfast the kids read a book with Daddy while I headed out for my run.


It was cold and windy but I am still signed up to run 26.2 in just a couple of weeks.


I’m not ready. I ran 6 this morning and my head just wasn’t in it.

I’m considering cutting back and just running the half instead of the full but I haven’t made any decisions yet. I feel like history is repeating. When I ran my first marathon in 2009 my training fell apart for other reasons. I still went through with it and had a blast — click here to see the recap.

I really wanted to train and be better prepared for my second marathon attempt, but it is what it is.

I got back from my run and hung out with Little Bean for a bit. He really wanted to play with the sidewalk chalk.


But it was just too windy to stay out there too long.

I made lunch for everyone out of leftovers and watched Jumanji with the kids before heading out to a friend’s party.

We had a blast playing dodge ball and just hanging out. I didn’t take many photos except this one when we were helping clean up.


He’s such a little man anymore.

We came home and I cooked dinner with a little help from my cheese grater.


He calls it “up and down cheese” and ends up eating most of what he grates but it’s so cute.

I decided to make quesadillas using some precooked chicken I picked up at Costco.


That stuff is great! It’s the first time I bought the precooked package and I will again. It’s just so convenient!

For the quesdadillas I used the chicken, diced peppers, chopped baby spinach and avocado.


Everyone loved them!

Overall it was a pretty relaxing Sunday. I didn’t prep for the week as much as I usually do but my house is semi-clean, lunches are made for tomorrow, my laundry is done and I made lentil soup yesterday for some quick lunches.

Tomorrow we get the final round of edits for the #wycwyc book so I’m expecting a pretty busy week as our turnover is going to be tight.

OK, got to go — Walking Dead time! :)

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    November 3, 2014

    The quesadillas look great. What kind of tortilla did you use? Love Little Bean’s up and down cheese photo :)


      November 3, 2014

      Thanks! They were good. I use the whole wheat low carb ones from Treader Joe’s — my favorite! I have an old post where I share some low cal/point tortillas and they are listed there as my fav…