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Happy to be Home

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That’s a scene from my house tonight. I had an absolute blast in Vegas but it is SO nice to be home.

Last night Grandma and Grandpa let the kids stay up to wait for us and they were so happy when we got home. There’s nothing cuter than a 3-year-old saying he missed you. I nearly melted.

This morning it was back to the grind. I decided not to go to the gym just yet. Not only did I want to give myself one more day to recover but I’ve been battling some kind of stomach virus that started in Vegas. I blogged a bit about it on GreenLiteBites while sharing a broth I made with ginger and lemon.

I’m feeling better and have been slowly increasing my food consumption all day. Breakfast was just the broth. Then I warmed butternut squash puree and ate it with some chicken. Dinner was a chia-crusted salmon fillet with rice and peas. And my stomach was actually growling a little earlier so I had some cashews and dried apricots.

Tomorrow I plan on getting up early and catching up with the morning crew at the gym. I miss them, too!

I’m working on a lessons learned post about the marathon. It’s written but I’m waiting for marathonfoto to send me the electronic versions of my photos so I can share them all in one last post.

In other news, I have the full laid out version of the #wycwyc book AND we signed our first two FitBloggin‘ sponsors!

Exciting things are happening!

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