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The Diagnosis Relief Effect

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I just got back from a morning of medical intervention.

First stop — physiotherapy, which is or isn’t the same as physical therapy, depending on who you ask. That being said, it was a fantastic appointment where we went over all my ailments and did some basic tests.

The therapist’s conclusion was a little shocking.

Basically,  the area of my spine where the cervical and thoracic meet is just not moving. I already knew from previous X-rays and MRIs that I have 3 vertebrae with a slight bulge, some other minor protrusions, and disk desiccation. My current pain and loss of mobility are all symptoms of that and at the moment that area below my neck has seized up.

I’ll be seeing the therapist for a few weeks and she will give me exercises and stretches to do on my own.

Even though I pretty much have the same level of pain and discomfort, I feel a sense of relief that someone A.) validated my pain and B.) gave me a course of action that should offer some relief.

She did say everything I’ve been doing so far has been spot on. So that was good.

In case you’re curious, I opted out of continuing with the chiropractor. I was getting some relief from his adjustments but they felt more like a band-aid than treatment for the underlying causes. It I’m being completely honest, I just didn’t like it. Having someone crack my neck gives me the heebie jeebies.

As for acupuncture, I’m a fan and will go back but again, to me that’s more of a way to feel better but doesn’t help my spine at all. I’d much rather be taught how to strengthen my back and neck to help prevent full-out spasms if I could.

The therapist also looked at my foot and said it could be related but she wasn’t sure. Her best bet was tendonitis in my peroneus longus tendon.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 12.23.23 PM

Good thing I had an appointment with the podiatrist just a few hours later!

I explained to him my problem and pain. At first he was worried about a fracture as I was. He said if that was the case NO marathon for me.

My heart sank.

We took an X-ray and I’m happy to report no signs of fracture!  However, I have a bone spur on my heel and he thinks I have Cuboid Syndrome, which is basically a misalignment of the cuboid bone and is very common in runners. He taped me up to simulate an orthotic and told me to walk and go for a few short runs to see if it helps. If so he thinks a custom orthotic will do the trick. He also said Cuboid Syndrome would affect my peroneus longus tendon so the therapist was definitely in the right area.

Again, such relief to have someone diagnose and recommend a course of treatment!

So even though I’m far from being 100%, I’m feeling optimistic about my treatments over the next few weeks. This is much better than the self-loathing I was fighting, which generally manifests as poor diet choices and mild depression.

I’m a little worried about my marathon training but at this point all I can do is what I can when I can, right? I have the Baltimore Half in 2 weeks so my plan right now is to take it easy and see how I feel as that approaches.

I’m really looking forward to trying a mile this afternoon. It’s been over a week since I’ve ran and I miss it!  <– I still shake my head when I see things like that. Who am I? It reminds me of this post I wrote 5 years ago! 

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and give an update. Sorry I’ve been MIA a bit. All these appointments have really crimped my style and any free time I have has been going to editing the book and such. Usually I’m a write and publish immediately type of girl but I’ve been working on a post here for Roni’s Weigh for like a week becuase I’ve had a hard time concentrating and sitting at my desk for long periods of time.

Who knows, maybe all this is a blessing in disguise, teaching me it’s OK to walk away and re-prioritize when needed.

OK, I’m off to update my calendar with all these appointments and hang out with my foam roller a bit. Hope you are having a great Tuesday!

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    October 7, 2014

    I hope the PT gets your back worked out and the taping of your foot helps. I’ve been using orthotics since about March and while it’s helped some things, it hasn’t fixed 100% of the problem. Also, thanks for posting the foot picture. Now I know where the Tibialis Posterior Tendon is – well, I can tell from the pain in my foot where it is, but now I have a visual as well.


    October 7, 2014

    Make sure your running shoes are neutral if you get the orthotics so the pronation control and the orthotics don’t fight each other.

    Lon Fiscus

    October 7, 2014

    Roni, I’ve been battling with a foot injury for almost 3 months now. I just got the MRI results back on Friday. It shows a lateral tear in that peroneus longus tendon. My podiatrist wants me to have surgery to repair it, but I’m apprehensive, so I am getting a second opinion. I should hear back tomorrow. I know it’s anecdotal, but I’m wondering if you know of anyone who has either opted for surgery or immobilized it for a couple months in a boot or cast. I’d love to hear you thoughts. Thanks.


      October 7, 2014

      Hi Lon. I haven’t had issues with the tendons in my feet, but I have been dealing with an issue/injury with tendons in my wrists (ECU, primarily) for over a year now. I’ve done the immobilisation in a wrist cast (several times). I would say it helps things heal that would have healed on their own slowly, but does not help a tear that is too far gone. So it depends on how bad the tear is. I have also had surgery on my wrists but for a different issue than a tear so I can’t comment on that. Good luck!


      October 7, 2014

      I don’t know anyone but I do have an anecdotal about my knee. I dislocated it as kid and they immobilized it only because it wasn’t torn. The oath said if it was they would have to operate.

      That being said.. that sucks!! I’ll ask around and see if others have experience.