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Oh How I Love You, Sensational Sunday

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I needed today so much. I’m still not 100%. My neck is still stiff, my foot still aches and I can’t go outside without Claritin BUT I #wycwyc‘d my way through this Sensational Sunday and now I’m totally ready to tackle the week.

While gathering laundry first thing in the morning, the kids practiced their pull-ups.


I love how the 9-Year-Old uses the wall to assist him. He’s making a ton of progress just by growing up. I know it won’t be too long before I envy his strength.


The 3-Year-Old can seriously hold on forever. It’s impressive!


I love watching them interact like that. It melts me.

Once the laundry was started I got cooking. I was on mission to stock the fridge with lots of grab-able options for the week. This is some of the prep work for Roasted Eggplant and Tomato Soup — click here for the recipe.


It came out delicious!

The first October weekend at my house means Halloween decorations come out.


We hung up a few things and pulled out the sidewalk chalk, too. It was too awesome of a fall day for the kids not to be outside.


The 9-Year-Old came in and saw me prepping veggies for the week and asked if he could help.

Ummmmm, yes! He’s a carrot peeling fool!


The 3-Year-Old is more of a carrot eating fool and is currently obsessed with dominoes.


I moved on to my second round of cooking. A new turkey chili idea.


I’ll share it on GreenLiteBites later this week. I went a little non-traditional, using a can of pumpkin and cocoa powder. It came out awesome!

At lunch time I left my pots simmering…


and the boys playing…


… to go to a yoga class before hitting the grocery store. I figured the stretching would help and it did for a little while. Right now I’m pretty stiff again though. As soon as I log off I’m hitting the heating pad.

When I got home I enjoyed a bowl of chili.


I have 8 more cups for the week, too.

The afternoon was full of football and cleaning and wrestling.


Then we took an outing to scope out Halloween costumes. I fell in love with this dinosaur suit but nothing has been decided yet. 20141005_N

We’re thinking we may do another family theme and dress up the entire family as characters from Guardians of the Galaxy.

The evening was laundry and laundry and laundry with dinner and baths thrown in.


I forgot to snap a photo but I made a pork loin, some potatoes and asparagus. The entire family loved it!

As I said, I needed today to feel productive. I didn’t even attempt to run. My foot has been feeling better but it’s still not right. I’m really looking forward to seeing the podiatrist on Tuesday. Hopefully he can shed some light.

My neck is getting better, too. I have a bit more mobility but it’s still spasming. I’m supposed to go the chiropractor tomorrow but I’m just not sure it’s helping and frankly, it freaks me out. I’m looking for an acupuncturist that will do a localized treatment. I was able to experience a general session on Friday and I loved it.

Well, that’s all I have to report on the Sensational Sunday. My fridge is full. My laundry basket is empty. My house is (somewhat) clean. My kids are in bed and I’m ready to relax.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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    October 5, 2014

    I get spasms in my neck as well. My doctor recommended physical therapy and it’s worked incredibly well. My physical therapy was a combination of myofascial massage and neck and shoulder stretching and strengthening exercises. The massage was the best — I know what specific muscles are tight and set off the pain.

    Have you considered physical therapy?


      October 6, 2014

      I have and I’ve done it. I just have to find someone in my area.


      October 6, 2014

      Good luck on finding someone!


      October 6, 2014

      I have an appointment tomorrow! I’m opting for that instead of the chiro.

    Cathy Sherman Benjamin

    October 5, 2014

    I went to physical therapy too Roni. They start off with heat then massage and stretching. It really helped. I hope you feel better soon. It sounds like you had a great day and you got so much accomplished!!


      October 6, 2014

      Thanks! I did and that always makes me feel better.

    Joy @

    October 7, 2014

    Roni I really encourage you to find a great acupuncturist. I was having majorly miserable low back pain until I discovered mine. She’s cured people of all kinds of other pains as well but I think neck and back pains respond especially well to the treatment. Good luck!