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How I Tackled My Friday

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Last night we got back the copy-edited manuscript of the #wycwyc book.

To say I was excited is an understatement! 

wycwyc manuscript

I posted that photo on Facebook with the caption:

Holy Crap! That’s the full, printed copy-edited manuscript of ‪#‎wycwyc‬. Is it strange to still have I-can’t-believe-this-is-happening thoughts at this stage?

I still can’t believe I’m writing a book!  Me, Mrs. Failed-English-101-in-College — MAN, did I hate writing back then.

To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement, too. 

I knew writing a book was hard but I don’t think I was prepared for the roller coaster ride I’m currently on. From coordinating work cross country to cover designs, quotes to chapter sequencing this thing is a BEAST! And it’s not even that long!

I’m loving the process overall and so grateful to be going through it with Carla but honestly, I can’t wait until edits are done!

When the email came with the file last night I dropped everything, prioritizing it over cleaning up the dinner mess.

This morning I came back from my 6 a.m. workout to a disaster zone! The 9-Year-Old was watching TV and when I asked if he ate breakfast his reply (in a very der style 9-year-old tone) was,

“Mom, remember? We’re out of cereal!”


I took a deep breath, looked at the clock, looked at the mess and made a very #wycwyc decision.

“OK, buddy, you clean the living room while I make some eggs. I’ll sweep, you grab the vacuum. Let’s get this mess cleaned up before school so we can relax tonight. I have a long day ahead of me.”

I snapped a photo for Instagram but I didn’t even have time to post.


We had 25 minutes before the bus was coming and we were on a mission.

I’m happy to say I got a good breakfast in each kid, the kitchen and living room cleaned and we made the bus on time!

Next up: getting Little Bean to pre-K!

At first I thought we’d just drive to save time but then I reminded myself of 2 things:

  1. There are only so many nice days left before it’s too cold to walk him to school.
  2. I’m going to be sitting all day reading and editing. I should get at least a short run/walk in if I can.

So that’s what I did. His school is just under a mile away. I told him we were in a hurry to which he replied,

“OK Mommy, I run.”


He did run for about 2 tenths of a mile!  Then he “ran out of gas” — my favorite expression of his — and hopped in the stroller while I ran.

I got back feeling ready to tackle my day and I did exactly that!

#wycwyc  :)

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    Jackie Miller

    October 25, 2014

    Congrats on getting this much farther to your goal of completing your book. And how fun that you can walk your little guy to school. Love that!

    Also good attitude about coming home to the mess. I strive to take that stuff in stride but am not always able to. Like everything, it’s a work in progress – like anything. Wycwyc ;-)


    October 25, 2014

    That is amazing Roni. Best of luck and success #WYCWYC

    Karen Z

    October 28, 2014

    Congrats on the book – can’t wait. Thanks for the reminder about getting out there while the weather is still mild!