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A Wallow-less Weekend!

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Yesterday was the Baltimore Running festival and I was supposed to run my 6th half marathon as part of my marathon training.  I decided, after much internal debate, not to go. I’ve been seeing a physical therapist for neck pain and tendinitis in my legs and we came to the conclusion it just wasn’t worth it. 

As for the full marathon, well, at this point it’s all up in the air. I’m taking it day by day and will start back running short distances this week to see how I feel.

With that out of the way I can share my awesome weekend! I decided NOT to wallow in self-pity and seize as much fun as I could.

Friday was fun because The Husband was away on business and The 9-Year-Old was off school. He joined me on lots of errands, one of them being to my local Verizon store to replace my broken phone.

He was more than jealous…

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 6.59.35 PM

We had the whole phone conversation, which I shared on Facebook:

…this conversation with the 9-Year-Old which was much longer and pretty much ended with the classic *eye roll* you-don’t-get-it-Mom face was even better than the 3-Year-Old Monster story.

Me: “Crap, my phone’s memory is corrupt. Let’s go to Verizon today since you are home from school. I may need to get a new phone.”

Him: “Wait. Can I get a phone?”

Me: “Why would I buy you a phone?”

Him: “Because you are the best mom in the world!”

Me: “Ummm, no. I’m the best mom in the world because I won’t buy you a phone.”

He continued to plead his case, which went on and on and ended when I walked out of the room saying, “Come talk to me when you are at least double digits and have a job.” lol

He got over it and we enjoyed lunch at our favorite sushi place.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 7.02.32 PM

The fact that he enjoys basic maki rolls totally makes me ecstatic! All my food exposure hard work is paying off!

Friday night the Husband and I stayed in and watched the Fargo series on Netflix. We’re just a few episodes in but we love it!

Saturday started with my latest experiment: Pumpkin Banana Bread.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 7.06.08 PM

It’s not quite sharable yet but I’ll be eating it all week as my pre-workout snack.

After breakfast we packed the whole family up for The 9-Year-Old’s soccer game and then hit Costco for some supplies on the way home. I wanted their big bag of greens, beets and broccoli to last me the week.

In the afternoon I took the 3-Year-Old on a “hike.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 7.10.35 PM

Which really means we went to the local river to throw in some rocks, only his most favorite thing to do in the world.

I had fun playing with my phone’s camera settings like dual mode!


After about an hour I rushed home to drop him off and picked up The 9-Year-Old. We had a date at a local archery center, thanks to Groupon!


We had a BLAST!! Totally something I would have never thought to do but really fun and a great time for some mother-son bonding.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 7.20.25 PM

Not to brag or anything, but Katniss has nothing on me.


On our way home we picked up our Saturday night football traditional fried chicken and I made some roasted broccoli and a salad to eat on the side (totally forgot to take a photo).

Saturday night was a heartbreaking, Notre Dame watching night. Please don’t bring up the loss to The Husband. It will set him off all over again.  I even screamed at the TV.

I never scream at the TV. Ever.

This morning started with foam rolling and funny faces.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 7.28.30 PM



It was SUPPOSED to be a broccoli omelet, which ended up a scramble. Whatever, it all works. On the side, my Banana Pancake batter cooked in the waffle stick iron and sriracha, of course.

Next was haircuts around!


I now, officially, cut all three boys hair.


The way I see it, it’s money saved for a massage every few months.



We have too much fun getting it started.


Finishing it is another story. I think The 9-Year-Old’s is still in the dryer. We are on that after I post this!

Lunch was the last of my  Peppery Roasted Butternut Squash Soup With Bacon topped with leftover turkey tenderloin and a side salad.


That stuff was SO GOOD! Click here to check out the recipe.

The 9-Year-Old had a birthday party at a local bowling alley where I dropped him off.


This was a first. I left and hung out with some friends at the gym while he bowled.

It was nice.

I came home and made a snack: Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries, sunflower seed kernels and honey.


One of my all-time favorite combos.

The rest of the day was…

Tekken with friends.


Uno with Mom.


And dinner!


That’s pistachio-topped tilapia, roasted broccoli and “Ryan’s Potatoes” — More of those on GreenLiteBites later. I finally made potatoes he likes besides baked!

In case you are wondering about all my top down food journal photos. Today I decided to try the Samsung Health App that came on my new phone.


I’m not being super strict about it, just snapping a photo and entering the closest thing I can find in their database. My plan is to do it for a few days and report  back. It has some pretty nice features.

OK, that’s it. I’m off to fold with the 9-Year-Old. I want everything done before The Walking Dead!

Oh! I almost forgot. I put the total number of comments into and the winner for last week’s CD set is….

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 8.18.54 PM

I’ll be in touch ASAP!

Have a great night!

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    October 20, 2014

    Thats too bad you didn’t get to run your marathon, but don’t let that get you down! Everyone struggles on their journey. Good luck with your training, and I hope your feeling up to it next time.


      October 20, 2014



    October 20, 2014

    Don’t let the marathon thing get you down (because from experience I know it can). You are doing what you can. Find another goal that will motivate you and move on.


      October 20, 2014