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A 12-Mile Sensational Sunday!

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Well, I guess the title says it all! I ran 12 miles this morning for my marathon training and it kicked off an awesome Sensational Sunday where I prepped for the week and spente time with the family.

This morning I left these two engrossed in a video game and headed out for a 12-mile adventure.


My GPS and running apps on the phone have been failing me lately — it’s a long story. So before I run I now create a route on MapMyRun so I know the total distance I’m going to cover before I leave.

This morning I scoped out a long 12-mile loop from the house that would take me past my gym. This way I knew I had a least one water stop along the way. I also ended up popping into a Subway and the workers were so nice giving me a courtesy cup for water.

I’d much rather depend on businesses (I run in pretty populated areas usually) for water than carry my own. I can’t stand the overhead.

Anyway, the run was FANTASTIC! I really thought it was going to be challenging in a bad way, but it was challenging in a good way! I felt great for the first 9 miles slowing down a bit for the last 3 because of a little knee discomfort.  Every time I start to increase my distance I get “runners knee,” which usually kicks in around mile 8. I was actually able to control it this run by changing my gait slightly and I had a lot less discomfort than I expected.

I was able to maintain about a 10:30 mile finishing 12 miles in 2 hours and 6 minutes. Not bad! I have no desire to be much faster than that.

When I got home I made my favorite Beet Smoothie with Pineapple and Blueberries and the boys helped me make some blueberry mint water, our favorite — click here to see my favorite flavored water combinations.


I then proceeded to make a huge mess while cooking a big egg-bacon brunch for everyone.


Then the 3-Year-Old and I did a puzzle while the 9-Year-Old and The Husband played Madden.


Afterwards The Boys and I snuck  in a game of Jenga


— a family favorite.


Once it toppled I sent the 9-Year-Old to start his laundry. A few minutes later he yells from downstairs, “Mom, you’ve got to see this!”


Irish the Cat decided to nest on Dad’s whites. The 9-Year-Old found this hysterical.

The rest of the morning I devoted to prepping for the week.

I made another experimental sweet potato-egg casserole with some ham and spinach.


While it baked I whipped up a batch of my homemade Sunbutter.


 Click here to see the recipe and a how to-video. 

I make it for the 3-Year-Old who loves PB&J but his pre-K is nut free. Sunflower seed is a fabulous substitute and to be honest, I’m starting to like it more than peanut butter. Especially because I can make it myself.

My casserole came out great!


I separated it into 4 servings and packed it up for quick breakfast options all week.

With my food prep done I really wanted to take a shower but I got roped into some train table play.


I do love me some trains and track design. :)

I finally made it into the shower and when I got out I saw this…


They were playing a game with Daddy where he’d throw up a ball and the kids would tackle for it. Whoever threw it down got a point.


’cause, you know, everything needs to be competitive.


They had a blast!

We decided to pack everyone up and head to Target. The 9-Year-Old had his allowance burning a hole in his pocket.


Once we got home I made burgers and broccoli, a family favorite, and we watched Scooby.


Notice my avocado slices. I’ve been skipping the cheese and and adding a couple of thin slices to my burgers recently. My new favorite combo is pickle, avocado and sriracha. SO good!

We cleaned up, The Husband took the 3-Year-Old to bath and The 9-Year-Old folded his laundry while being hypnotized by the TV.


It was a great day!! Everything a Sensational Sunday should be. I feel so ready to tackle the week.

Hope you had a great weekend. I’m off to fold my laundry and then head to bed early. I’ve been doing a little better in the sleep department and it’s been making a difference.

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    September 8, 2014

    Great job with the long run! It seems like your training is going well and you’re enjoying it versus dreading it!


      September 8, 2014

      I seem to dread my short midweek runs more than the longer ones. It’s funny. I look at the longer ones as a chance to try new routes and spend some time by myself. It’s challenging but in a good way!


    September 8, 2014

    I am interested in hearing your debrief on the casserole. I think this one looked tastier (an perhaps healthier) than the sausage strata version. Let us know!
    I also liked your comment about the cheese on your burger. I LOVE cheese so much, but find that I rarely miss it on a sandwich–especially if I sub it with some nice avocado slices or a crunchy red pepper or some cukes. Mmmm–just finished breakfast and I’m hungry for lunch now.


      September 8, 2014

      It came out great!! I’m going to make it one more time slightly different I think and post on GreenLiteBites asap! This one does have more good stuff in it including whole eggs, spinach, and sweet potato and it’s lighter!

      As for cheese, yup I realized it really added nothing to a burger except extra calories. I almost always skip it, I’d rather save my cheese for others things. :)


    September 8, 2014

    I didn’t like seeing your kitty in the dryer because I have this irrational fear that one of mine will sneak in my front loader without me noticing and closing it. I can’t imagine how that could really happen. It would be horrible, though.

    Fears are weird things! Your Sunday looks fun.


      September 10, 2014

      I know. We don’t usually leave it open so it rarely happens. but as soon as we came close she jetted out of there like a flash!


      September 10, 2014

      I didn’t figure you’d tumble-dry her. :)


    September 8, 2014

    Great blog post. I too have a family with small children and its fun to see how we can still achieve our fitness goals through things like exercise and eating cleanly while still having crazy kids that do what they do. When your health and fitness is your goal there is no place for excuses. Good job being a good Mom and example to your kids.


      September 10, 2014


    Melissa Dickenson Cupit

    September 8, 2014

    Great job on your 12 miler. Are you doing any of the run walk run intervals? That’s supposed to keep injuries at bay. My good friend is a vet tech and she has warned me many times of the dangers of cats in dryers. They get case after case of this horrible mistake. Please pass the word about this danger.


      September 10, 2014

      I’m actually No, I’m not doing intervals. I’ve been meaning to post about it forever. I’ll make a note and get to it soon. I promise!


    September 8, 2014

    Congrats on doing your 12 mile so well. That is not easy task.


      September 10, 2014

      Thanks… in a strange way it was fun. :)


    September 8, 2014

    I developed runner’s knee as a young teen and still have to be careful. Much of the time, it’s caused by muscle imbalance when your outer thigh is stronger than your inner thigh and pulls your knee out at an angle. There are a lot of leg lifts and other inner thigh exercises that should help. And AWESOME JOB on the 12 miler!


      September 10, 2014

      Yea, I need to ask my PT friend. I’m sure he’ll have some advice.

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    October 1, 2014

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