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I’m in a bit of a negative cycle. Need to fight the funk instead of trying to eat my way out of it.

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    August 4, 2014

    I totally get this. I’ve been on a great role with eating and exercising and today my Mac died and things went downhill from there. Does it count that I did track the pizza and stayed within goal?!

    Mindy Lee

    August 5, 2014

    LOL oh so true sometimes…


    August 5, 2014

    Oh. My. Gosh. Yes.

    I’ll use myfitnesspal all day. Water intake is AWESOME. Calories are on POINT.

    ….and then. AND THEN. Pizza or burgers for dinner. Or skittles. Or something happens that makes me NEED to quick fix of something chocolately and delicious.

    :- All I can say it you’ve got all the interwebz hugs from Atlanta. I know what you’re feeling. And. Well. We’re the only ones who can change it.

    PS – Today I read an article on that literally made me say “oh I wish Roni would write a post and totally rip them a new one.” HA! Take it as a complement. I respect you and your blog/thoughts/opinions quite a lot. Their post was “how to spot a fake before and after pic” or something like that. Made my nuts. It wasn’t directed towards things lie diet pill ads or the “cleanse” fad or anything.


    August 5, 2014

    I, too, am fighting my way out of a funk. Hang in there my friend and #wycwyc :)

    Simon Young

    August 6, 2014

    I took up cycling as a motivation to lose weight and get fit. It’s working, but hard work up those hills. Just have to keep going! …

    Courtney R

    August 6, 2014

    I just wanted to say that I have been following your blog for awhile and I really appreciate your honesty. I don’t know why I picked today to comment (perhaps a spare second in the day :) Anyway, thank you for showing your ups and downs. It is quite refreshing to follow blogs that show the good and bad in real time. Some blogs are all perfection and then they come out with that one post about how their life has been crumbling while they show pictures of their green smoothies every morning. So as a completely imperfect eater (and I’m a dietitian :), mother, and everything else…thank you for being human, and showing it on your blog.


      August 6, 2014

      Thanks. It’s really why I blog. If I only blogged the good things, in a way, I don’t think it would have worked for me for this long. I need the blog to celebrate and smack some sense in me at the same time. :)


    August 6, 2014

    It must have been something in the air yesterday, because I had the same problem – except with corn chips. Oh well, back at it again today…