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Hate Panty Lines? 7 Seamless Pairs Reviewed! Plus My Favorite Workout Capris!

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So a few weeks ago I had it up to here with panty lines.  I know, I know, it’s not that big of a deal, but I hate them. And for a girl who also hates thongs and refuses to go commando my options seemed limited UNTIL…

I blogged about it — click here to see a photo journey through my underwear drawer — then everyone and their mother had a suggestion. So I picked up a few pairs and dug around on Amazon to see what I could find based on the comments I received. The past few weeks my house was panty central and The Husband has looked at my back side more than he has our entire marriage (that I know of, at least).

We even had this conversation I shared on Facebook

The Husband: You got more underwear in the mail.
Me: I know, I’m doing an exposé on panty lines.
The Husband to The Child: Your mom is weird.
Me: No I’m not. I’m writing a piece on underwear!
The Husband: Yeah, but no one hired you to. You just decided to order a bunch of underwear and write about it.
Me: That’s right. I hired myself. That’s what you do when you are your own boss.
The Husband: It’s still weird.

This is pretty par for our house.

Anyway, I decided to come up with a rating system for my tested undies.


  • 1= Granny Panties
  • 2= Typical Mom Undies
  • 3= Meh, They’re Underwear
  • 4= Night on the Town Wearable
  • 5= Sexy Momma!

Wedge-Less Factor:

  • 1= I can’t take a step without digging for gold
  • 2= 1-2 wedgies per workout
  • 3= Wedge check now and then but mostly false alarms
  • 4= That may have been a wedge, I’m sure and that’s a good thing!
  • 5= I think I forgot to wear underwear today. I can’t feel a thing!

Visible Panty Line:

  • 1= Why, yes, I am wearing granny panties. Leave me alone.
  • 2= I think you have a…. oh wait, that’s just your panty line.
  • 3= In certain lighting but overall, all clear!
  • 4= Close up, face-in-ass visible but invisible otherwise
  • 5= Everyone thinks I’m going commando!

Basically, 1 is bad, 5 is AWESOME in all categories.

OK, here goes…

Old Navy Women’s Jersey Hipster

Price: 3-Pack $10.94


  • Cuteness: 3
  • Wedge-Less: 4
  • Visible Panty Line: 4

I picked a pack of these up because I was a fan of the old mesh Old Navy Hipsters but mine are so old they are falling apart, which is part of the reason I’m on a hunt for new seamless options now.

I wore my first pair for a 5-mile trail run as part of my marathon training. At first I was unimpressed. They were comfy but loose in a way I thought a wedgie would be imminent. That said, 5 miles and super comfy under my capris! I asked the Husband before I left to do the panty line check and not until I literally put my ass in his face did he say, “Oh, yeah there it is.”

Thumbs up from this momma especially for the price! Overall the look and feel were pretty typical underwear. I would totally buy them again especially because they are 96% cotton.

I’d link to Old Navy but honestly, they turned me down as an affiliate parter, so I’m a little mad at them.

Warner Women’s No Wedgies, No Worries Hipster Panty

Price: $8.49


  • Cuteness: 2
  • Wedge-Less: 5
  • Visible Panty Line: 3

The first thing I noticed when I opened this package was the feel of these underwear. They were soft, silky and luxurious. My undie experience doesn’t go much beyond cotton so these were a treat! I also had to buy pink because they didn’t have my size (6 or 7) in the default nude I normally get. Laugh all you want but once you hit a certain age you realize it’s just more practical for all your underwear to be wearable with any outfit and that includes white linen summer pants even if you don’t own a pair of white linen summer pants.

Regardless, these didn’t look as cute on as the Old Navy hipsters. They seem to cut into my upper thigh more. However, once on under my capris panty lines were pretty nonexistent. If I look really hard I could see a faint seam on my lower butt cheek but really, very flattering overall.

As for the wedgie factor, I happened to wear these on back squat day and honestly, I didn’t give them one thought throughout my whole hour-long workout that included kettle bell swings, squats and hang cleans, all moves that have you bending a lot at the hips. Total thumbs up from me on feel! I just wish they fit a little better on my upper thigh. I would buy them again.

Click here to check out Warner Women’s No Wedgies No Worries Hipster on Amazon.

Leonisa Women’s No Ride Up Seamless Hiphugger Panty

Price: $10


  • Cuteness: 1
  • Wedge-Less: 3
  • Visible Panty Line: 5

Unlike the Warner’s pair I immediately did NOT like the feel of these. It almost reminded me of a thinner, more elastic hospital gown. I honestly had low expectations when I put them on. Then I looked in the mirror, ZERO panty line! I’m talking smooth as a baby butt! Well, as smooth as my dimpled butt looks in capris. During my workout I had one wedge adjustment but it was really nothing. I asked my friend if she saw a panty line (this friend is a thong-only girl) and she couldn’t find it!

I’m not sure I’d buy another pair, the material really is off-putting, but in the search for good seamless options this one scored the highest so far!

Click here to check out Leonisa No Ride Up Seamless Hiphugger Panty-Nude on Amazon

Calvin Klein Women’s Invisibles Hipster Panty

Price: $11.90


  • Cuteness: 4
  • Wedge-Less: 1
  • Visible Panty Line: 5

I think my exact quote to the husband when I opened this package was “These things are so thin they are like paper!” To which his response was, “I think you are taking this underwear thing too far.”

Apparently, he does not share my passion for finding the perfect pair of panty-line-less panties!

Anyway, I really didn’t like the feel of them at all and like the Leonisa pair they didn’t have any seams, which makes them look like an awkwardly cut piece of clothing. However, on they were super cute! Unlike the Warner pair they seemed to be cut in a very flattering way. However, the cut on the backside was higher on the cheek. I think I had to pick a wedge on the way from the bathroom to my dresser. Not a good sign.

I ran about 3 miles in them and there were quite a few wedgie picks. After awhile I just decided to deal. So my verdict is TOTALLY seamless but really, unwearable for me.

Click here to see the Calvin Klein Women’s Invisibles Hipster Panty Underwear on Amazon

Naomi & Nicole Women’s Wonderful Edge Lace Trim Hipster Underwear

Price: $11.50


  • Cuteness: 4
  • Wedge-Less: 5
  • Visible Panty Line: 5

The only pair with lace! I’m not a lace girl but it does add a little element of style that I liked and when I put them on they were super cute! These were the only pair to have a semi-sticky like coating around the seam on the leg wholes. When I touched it I thought I wasn’t going to like it but once on, it was unnoticeable. Actually, I didn’t notice I was wearing these at all through my whole workout!

Cute, wedgie and panty line-free. These are keepers!

Click here to check out Naomi & Nicole Wonderful Edge Lace Trim Hipster Panty  on Amazon

Moving Comfort Out-Of-Sight Bikini

Price: $18.50


  • Cuteness: 3
  • Wedge-Less: 2
  • Visible Panty Line: 5

Another pair not available in my size in nude. I decided what the heck, let’s give color a chance.

Never again.

I walked over to the Husband for the now famous panty-line check and he said, “Nope no line but I can see your actual underwear!” Under black capri tights! Never again my friends. This is why I’ll buy nude 95% of the time.

Taking their wacky color out of the equation these were pretty standard. They fit OK, not great. Panty lines were pretty nonexistent but the wedge factor was pretty high. I wouldn’t buy them again especially at that price!

Click here to check out Moving Comfort Out-of-sight Bikini on Amazon

Sloggi Women’s Light Cotton Shorts

Price: $23


  • Cuteness: 2
  • Wedge-Less: 3
  • Visible Panty Line: 4

When I opened this pair I immediately had images of Olivia Newton John for some reason. They had a very ’80s look with the scalloped edges and high waist.  This was another pair not available in nude when I ordered, so the color wasn’t helping.

I had a feeling they wouldn’t fit me right. After 6 pairs I’ve come to learn what cuts work on my body and which ones don’t. I had very low expectations with these.

My assumptions where correct. Anytime an underwear has that high of a waist and thick sides it curls on the front of my thigh. This was the same problem I had with Warner above. They just don’t look cute on (me anyway.)

In the panty line department they were another winner. Really couldn’t see a thing! But I did have a few more wedge incidents than I would have liked. I expected them since these were cut a little higher on the cheeks like the Calvin Kleins.

All that being said, like the Moving Comfort, I think they are insane with that price. Maybe I’m just a scrooge but I can’t justify spending $20 on a pair of underwear.

Click here to check out Sloggi Women’s Light Cotton Shorts on Amazon

Conclusion and My Favorite Capris

Overall, I found out that a pretty basic cut, seamless hipster that cuts low on the butt cheek is what I’m looking for. They seem to work best for my body type and what I want to wear, which is pretty basic workout capris.

Speaking of! Bridget asked in a comments which workout capris I would recommend and I do have a favorite. I stumbled on them a few months back when I was offered a discount code for 50% from one of the events I was in.

The brand is called Hylete. The first time I saw their site I though they were insane. Seventy bucks for workout capris?!?

I don’t think so.

But with the 50% discount I took a shot and fell in love with these.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 3.53.45 PM

They call them “tights” and they do have a much more sheer feel than the traditional capris I have been wearing. You can see them on me in my latest Tuesday Training update — here’s a shot…


I now own three pairs, the green, pink and gray. They are comfy, flattering and STAY PUT! I never, ever find myself pulling them up during a workout, ever. Honestly, best pair of workout pants I’ve ever owned.

My only complaint is the semi see-through panel but I’m used to it now. I think they make a solid one but I didn’t notice it when I bought mine.

I reached out to them to let them know I wanted to review and they approved me for their affiliate program. If you’d like to give them a shot I have a discount code set up for 25% off. Just use Roni25 or RoniNoone25 when you check out. Better yet, if you sign up with the site using this link you get 20% off for life! So if you do both that’s 45%!

If my math is right those $70 capris are now $38.50. Not super cheap but a much better deal than full price!

If you are searching for panty line-less panties, I hope my little underwear adventure helps you on your quest. I had tons of fun being the guinea pig. I wonder what I should test next. Hmmmmm.

Full Disclosure: I am an Amazon and Hylete affiliate. If you purchase products on their site using links from this post I will make a percentage of the sale.


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    August 19, 2014

    OMG this post had me cracking up. Bill: “No, but I can see your actual underwear.” LOL. Hilarious! Thanks for being the tester for us – this is critical information! (I think so anyway)


      August 20, 2014

      I think he secretly enjoyed this “assignment.” ;)


    August 19, 2014

    Love this follow-up Roni! In your other post I suggested seamless ones that have no edges on the legs like the Leonisa and Calvin Kleins but this is a really good guide for future purchases. I think the Naomi and Nicole ones are super cute and I may have to try them! It’s funny that you always buy your underwear in nude – I always buy mine in black because I want them to blend with my capri’s but I guess it makes sense that the nude would blend with your skin. Thanks again for this follow up and I was cracking up at “not until I literally put my ass in his face did he say, “Oh, yeah there it is.” Haha!


      August 20, 2014

      Nude is TOTALLY the way to go! Doesn’t show under light or dark!


    August 20, 2014

    Who would have thought that I’d enjoy an underwear post so much! I might have to try both the ON and the Naomi and Nicole pairs. Also, I just bought some Jockey modern fit seamless pairs that I love. Slight panty line (3 or 4), but absolutely comfortable. Thanks for all the reviews!


      August 20, 2014

      I will try to check them out!


    August 20, 2014

    After you first wrote about this, I went out and bought a pair of the Naomi and Nicole when I read about them in the comments. LOVE!!! I then went out and bought several more pairs. Love them for workouts and everyday :)


      August 20, 2014

      They are awesome!


    August 20, 2014

    I buy the $20 underwear when I can find them. The problem I have is that I’m obese so fit is a big issue and I’m Canadian so selection here is small and most American companies will not ship underwear, tights or nylons because the packages are inspected at the border and opened and then customers don’t want the product when they see it has been handled.


      August 20, 2014

      Interesting! I would have never known this was an issue!

    Maria B

    August 20, 2014

    This post is a perfect example of why I enjoy your blog so much — it’s personal, humorous, practical, realistic, and inspirational!!!!! Thanks!


      August 20, 2014

      Thanks so much! That is the sweetest comment ever!


      August 20, 2014

      I second Maria’s comment! Love this underwear post series.


      August 22, 2014

      3rd!!! Loved this post, informative and kept me laughing!

    Amy @ A Little Nosh

    August 20, 2014

    Most informative blog post EVER.


      August 20, 2014

      Thanks! It was so fun!

    Jessica Hartman

    August 20, 2014

    So – which one will you continue to buy??


      August 20, 2014

      Old Navy and Naomi & Nicole are the 2 I mention I would buy again. They were my favs.


    August 20, 2014

    So bummed that hylete doesn’t sell any tights above a large (10-12). I guess I will keep wearing old navy until I lose enough weight!


      August 21, 2014

      Ugh! I didn’t even check. I’m sorry. Should have mentioned it.


    August 21, 2014

    My wife sent me an email with a link to your blog, she told me I had to read this article :) I read this one and a few others, I got a chuckle after reading this one.


    August 21, 2014



    August 22, 2014

    Wow, thats was inspiring. I also had the same problem and could solve it because of this method:

    Take a look at it and then tell me what you think. Remember: “with a lot of effort, everthing is possible”

    Good luck,



    August 22, 2014

    Also, these aren’t super seamless, but very comfy and I have run, squatted, boot camped, etc in these. I think they are the Flirtitude brand at JCPenny (Juniors underwear section) and I buy the hipsters. I am like you with the nude, but I buy almost all black. Makes laundry easier too. The only downside other than the seams is with the extra cushion I am now sporting on my hips (thank you baby girl #2) I find these aren’t the most flattering when naked, but with clothes on no one can tell the difference and they stay out ALL DAY LONG!


    August 22, 2014

    After reading your first post about panty lines (which made me laugh out loud) I was curious if you’d have a follow-up. I even told my husband about it – he doesn’t get it either. Probably because all of my t-shirts are so long that they cover up my panty line area anyway. But I wanted to let you know that I thought this post was AWESOME! So informative and entertaining at the same time! Thanks for incurring the expense and sharing! :)


    August 24, 2014

    very informative. i am going to order the lacy ones. Thanks for doing the research for us:)


    August 27, 2014

    Awesome post, I love everything about it. thanks for taking the time to research this pretty important issue. Bah humbug to the hubs, they just don’t get it anyway.

    Deborah Haviland

    September 8, 2014

    Have you tried the

    JKY by Jockey® Women’s Microfiber Stretch Slipshort from Target? There’s also a shorter version sold on Amazon. I go up a size so there’s no indentation on my thigh. Most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn, no lines and no wedgies, ever!


    July 24, 2015

    Loved this post. I clicked on the link for the Naomi & Nicole Women’s Wonderful Edge Lace Trim Hipster Underwear and it says they are unavailable. I then googled them and couldn’t find them. Do you know of another place/website to buy them?


      July 29, 2015

      Ugh, I don’t. I’m sorry. I only bought them Amazon. :(