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10 Thursday Thoughts

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Happy Thursday!

With both kids still home this week my brain is frazzled! I don’t want to wish them away to school (OK, I kind of do) but I also can’t wait until we have a weekly routine again.

The 3-Year-Old starts his new preschool on Monday and the 9-Year-Old goes into FOURTH GRADE on Wednesday.

I can’t believe he’s a fourth-grader. I really can’t.  I’m actually looking forward to this year and re-learning lots of stuff I’ve forgotten from my grade-school years.

Anyway, I thought I’d pop in and share a few things that have been bouncing around the old noggin. Brain dumps always do me good plus I’ve had a few things I’ve been wanting to share.

  1. All this week I’ve been making a HUGE effort to get to bed earlier and it’s been doing wonders for me! Today, after my workout, I had so much energy, I caught myself just dancing around the kitchen while making breakfast. I just wanted to move. It was weird. Since I had a 30-minute training run scheduled anyway, I decided to push The 3-Year-Old to the far park and knock it off my list early, which was great, but the midday sun on this humid day was BRUTAL. By the end I was wiped.
  2. I’ve also made an effort to clean up my diet a bit this week and for the most part I’ve been doing great. The past two days I’ve felt like a bottomless pit again. Not sure why. It’s been happening to me on and off for some time. I’m trying to keep a journal to help figure it out and I may start to get more specific with not only my food choices but my workouts. I’m sure there are correlations I’m not seeing because I’ve been purposefully laid back about things.
  3. Speaking of food, tonight I made an awesome super quick dinner.
    Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 7.55.54 PMI hope to get the recipe up on GreenLiteBites ASAP. This week all I’ve posted is my Chocolate-Coconut Energy Ball idea, which I’ve been eating all week before my workouts. I’m getting slightly addicted.
  4. Since I’m still speaking of food, if you happen to be a Weight Watchers recipe person, I’m happy to announce I’ve joined an awesome Pinterest board with these powerhouse food bloggers:

    Click here to check it out in Pinterest, and if you have any favorite recipes of mine let me know. With 7 years of recipes, I’m not sure what to pin up there!

  5. And still food, but I’ve been wanting to share for a couple of week’s now that the 9-Year-Old has been cooking dinner! I’ve decided to make him responsible for one dinner a week and he’s been embracing it. Here he is in front of his chicken legs from last week.
    Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 8.06.39 PM
    This week he made burgers on the grill. This is what I posted to Facebook about his progress …

    Observations from the 9-Year-Old’s second dinner making adventure (we made burgers on the grill together tonight):
    1. He’s initially hesitant to do things like burger flipping but I can see confidence building in real time.
    2. Already a greater appreciation for what goes into making a meal. Tonight HE turned off the TV unsolicited.
    3. Pride is visible on his face and in his voice as he talks about it, especially to his younger brother.
    4. This may be the second best parenting decision I’ve ever made. The first? Having him wash his own laundry. 

    Sunday we’ll decide what he makes next week. I have to say it’s been fun! I was getting lazy in the “kids helping with dinner” department.

  6. Since I transitioned back to the kids, today I shared our recent outing on the travel blog. This was my favorite photo of the day…
    20140820_falls02Click here to see a photo journal of our hike to the falls. We had a blast!
  7. I haven’t talked about #wycwyc much but the book is full steam ahead! We are expecting the manuscript back on Monday and then it’s editing round 1! We are still slated for a Spring 2015 release.
  8. Nothing happening in the FitBloggin‘ camp as of yet. I can’t even think about it until the kids are in school and the book is off my to-do.
  9. Speaking of my to-do, my inbox by far the worst it’s ever been and I’ve learned something these past few weeks:
    My world does not implode if it takes me a few days to get to my email!
    I know, I know, I should have already known this but I’ve always been super diligent with keeping my inbox clean and this summer I’ve learn to let it go. It’s been eye opening.
  10. And finally, I need to end with this song because I’m OBSESSED

    I love Mary Lambert, her voice, this song, the video, everything! And I agree, I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets are.

Any random Thursday Thoughts you’d like to share? I’m all ears! 

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    August 22, 2014

    For pinning – I love your stuffed turkey burgers and just made them again last night. They are always good – and I make two versions, stuffed for the adults, not stuffed for the kids (they don’t like cheese in their burgers). Speaking of which, we were at a burger place lately and my hubby ordered a burger stuffed with hot peppers – I would have done it with your burgers last night but we had no hot peppers. I think it would be great!


      August 22, 2014

      Ohh good idea! and it’s still burger season!

    Pat Bollman

    August 22, 2014

    Post your Raw Kale with craisins salad recipe. Every time I make it someone asks for the recipe.


      August 22, 2014

      Hmm the one with the grapefruit? I forgot about that one! I need to make more kale salads! :)

      Pat Bollman

      August 22, 2014

      This one –


      August 22, 2014

      Ohh I totally forgot about that one!

    Mary Nell

    August 23, 2014

    I make your pizza casserole at least once a month!


    August 27, 2014

    wow about the dinner making. I was expected to help very young, and basically put dinner on the table on weeknights by the time I was 13, but it was usually easy stuff. My Mom did the planning and deciding, would make the sauce or the marinade. I did experiment with cooking because I wanted to make American dishes, lasagna comes to mind. I’d worry that kids would skip the veg or want to make pot stickers and call it dinner.


      August 27, 2014

      Well we do the planning together and I walk him through it but I’m hoping over the new few years I’ll be able to transition myself to of the picture totally. :)


    September 2, 2014

    For pinning…I make A TON of your recipes…these are my regulars
    -Whole Grain Banana Pancakes
    -Lemon Thyme Tuna Burgers
    -Kale Salad with Craisens
    -Berry Oatmeal Muffins
    And I give you full credit for getting me into spinach. I started buying a bag a week about 4 years ago and it is a staple now. I use it almost every day.


      September 4, 2014

      Thanks! This is great! And… you’re welcome on the spinach. ;)