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SO… I’ve been hinting and hinting about my this “super secret” project that’s been keeping me busy and the moment I got home from FitBloggin‘ I went straight to work on it, which is why I’ve been a bit distant and distracted.

You may remember last fall I issued a challenge — click here to check it out – and called it #wycwyc.


#wycwyc — pronounced wick-wick – stands for What-You-Can-When-You-Can and it’s how I describe my approach to healthy living and goal achieving. It’s also been a theme here on the blog for years.

Since issuing the challenge, folks have been joining in and I can’t lie, it’s been amazing to see it being embraced.

For  almost two years Carla and I have been writing and pitching book proposals and floating ideas around to agents and publishers with no real interest. Everyone always told us the same thing: you guys are great! Love your platform but you have no hook. 

#wycwyc has become our hook. 

In one last-ditch effort we sent out another book proposal and mostly thanks to Carla, it stuck! We were offered a book deal with an advance and all!

As the author of 2 self-published books, my jaw hit the ground.

Yet again I’m finding myself completely out of my comfort zone.

The turnover time is quite tight. They want our first draft by Aug. 1 so we’ve been feverishly writing when we can. It’s no coincidence that our healthy living mantra is now helping us write the book!

We truly are doing what we can when we can.

So, I may be a bit quiet here on the blog this week. I was considering a black-out week from social media but I don’t think it’s necessary at this point.  We are hoping to get the bulk of it done by Friday because July is a crazy month! Next week is beach week, the week after is BlogHer and then, oh, I don’t know it’s AUGUST 1!!

Hop on over to Carla’s blog. She announced the book today, too and shares a bit more about our history together. And, we do have a web presence for #wycwyc at but we haven’t had time to update it. Right now our focus is on writing.

OK, got to run! Long day ahead! 

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  • Charlie Hills

    Congratulations to you both!

  • Kimberly Whittaker

    Congrats to you both! That is super exciting. + I’m looking forward to seeing you at BlogHer too.

  • Jill (Lady Lazarus)

    So exciting!!

  • Diana @

    Congratulations! Good luck writing the book. I’m sure you two will be able to meet the August 1st deadline in style! :)

  • Amy Patterson

    Congrats! I can wait to read it.

  • Tamara Grand

    Congratulations you two! Such great news!

  • Erin @ thismommywrites

    Congrats!!!!!! Such awesome news! I am sure it will be stressful getting it all together but wow what an accomplishment so be sure to bask in the glow a little :-}

  • CeCe Olisa

    YAY!!!! SO PROUD OF YOU <3

  • Gina Skinnytaste

    Congrats Ronnie!!!! You deserve it, you are such an inspiration and Carla is a great partner!

  • Rachel Martin

    Congratulations! That’s awesome. :)

  • mindy artze

    So amazing! I’m really proud of you girls for leading the way!!! #wycwyc

  • Jenny Meer Hodges

    Congrats!! So excited for you both!! #wycwyc is so awesome!!

  • Jenny Albright

    Congrats to both of you!! So happy for you beautiful ladies!

  • Pantea Vaziri


  •!/pattyaizaga Patty

    How exciting! Congratulations!!!


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