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Standard Sensational Sunday Shots

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I’m feeling  uninspired and spent so I’m going to make this short. I promise to fill you in on why tomorrow. Today, all I have energy for is sharing a few pics from my Sensational Sunday even though it was pretty standard.

The morning started off slow and low key. I left these two watching our latest obsession, the Lego Movie, so I could take my first scheduled Sunday marathon training run.


I decided to drive to a local trail. There’s a 5-mile loop I’ve been wanting to try for some time.


It was an AMAZING run. I felt fantastic and the day couldn’t be more perfect.


Honestly, I could have run farther. It was that nice out and I felt that good.

I came home to this.


And joined in a game of fish.

For lunch I made a new turkey burger I hope to share on GreenLiteBites this week.


On the side a fun new spicy cole slaw idea, too. I really have been having fun in the kitchen lately.

I have NOT been having fun with my very grumpy, very moody, 3-year-old.


I heard a new term today that pretty much nails it: threenager.

Fun times!

Anyway, the kids and I tended to our small container garden and collected our loot.


I really think these few little containers are great for the kids even though we don’t grow enough to really make a dent in our vegetable needs — at least not yet. I’m hoping to move from containers to a small corner of the yard in a few years but I’m just not ready yet.

Back to the threenager who only seems to have fun if he’s making a mess.


And yes, that’s dry oatmeal. He loves it. It’s weird! Especially since I can’t get him to try things like mango, which this kid INHALES!


Our afternoon was just as low key as the morning. We folded laundry, watched TV and chatted until dinner.


They had tuna steaks on sale at the store. A rare treat! I can actually sear them rare and BOTH kids eat it. it’s a freakin’ miracle!

So overall a great day. I overindulged a bit after dinner in the food department and now I feel a bit blah but it’s all good. I’ve got a date at the gym tomorrow and I’m planning another kick-butt week.

More tomorrow!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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    July 7, 2014

    What is the name of the park? My husband and I are in the DMV and mostly just to to Great Falls but we’re looking for new places to get our feet dirty :)


      July 7, 2014

      That’s Big Gunpowder. It’s on of the entrances off Rt. 1 outside Baltimore. There’s a few others sprinkled around the county and they are all fabulous!

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    July 7, 2014

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