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A Sensational Sunday posted on Monday

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It finally happened.

I ran out of time to post my Sensational Sunday post last night.

I’ve come close a few times but I usually stay up late to prevent it because I like to blog in the now. For me it’s about journaling, not article sharing, and so my posts are, in a weird way, very time sensitive. I live (and blog) in the now.

Writing the #wycwyc book, however, is really throwing some curve balls at my routine. Holy heck, is it time consuming! FUN! But I can’t wait to get to back to posting more regularly here, on GreenLiteBites and my travel blog. TheUnworldlyTravelers has really gotten pushed to the bottom of my list.

So last night I had to pick between my marathon-training run and posting on the blog.

Marathon training won and I’m so glad it did! It was REALLY HARD getting out that door but once I was on my way I felt great!

Anyway, let me recap yesterday because I did snap through my day!

I got home around 8:30 in the morning after a red-eye flight from San Jose. This is what I walked in on.


As soon as Evan saw me he got all giggly and smiley. It’s those moments that melt me as a mom.

We snuggled and watched TV for a bit. I was exhausted!

Then he asked if I could read Little Bean’s Funderwear Day on my computer.


After 2 readings from the PDF I convinced him to use the book. It cracks me up that he prefers to read it on the computer because I showed him all the drafts as it was being created. It’s almost as if the book (the thing I’m most proud of because it’s tangible) doesn’t impress him at all.

We finally made our way to the kitchen. This isn’t the best shot but I had to share. Irish totally stole the stool on him and I got them to both look up at the same time.


I had a melon in the fridge from before I left for BlogHer so it was time to get that cut up.


I made eggs for breakfast. Right now I’m obsessed with adding kale and bacon to my morning omelet. I pretty much make it like I do in this video.

The Husband had his dippy eggs and Little Bean, well, he was screaming about not wanting breakfast so he went to sit in his time out spot.


He came around and I shared a small chunk of my kale egg with him. He ate it without saying a word!

This was him doing the finger dance, as we called.


I always have music on in the background.

If you are wondering about the 9-year-old, well, he’s living it up with Grandma and Grandpa in Cancun! I’ll post more about that on my travel blog. It’s been strange not having him around. I didn’t think I’d miss him as much as I do! But I’m so happy he’s having this experience. I’m trying my best to raise  travelers — click here to read why.

Anyway, after breakfast I spent more time with Little Bean.

Here he is with his precious rock collection.


Both my kids are obsessed with rocks!

We also had fun coloring on his board.


He’s interested in writing letters but he gets frustrated when they don’t look like mine.

I think I may have an overachiever on my hands.

We decided to spend some time at the local park. It was a beautiful day and I was so tired I really couldn’t do anything but just sit.


I brought my latest snack obsession with me.


Healthy Warrior sponsored FitBloggin‘ and I loved all their samples. Those little bars are 100 calories and loaded with chia seeds. They are almost like a thin Larabar with a fun, seedy texture.

I really like them.

(This is NOT a paid placement. I’m just a fan.)

I love this shot of Little Bean trying to skip a stone.


He was again frustrated he couldn’t do it, which reinforced my idea for another Little Bean book. This one about how he wants so desperately to be bigger.

We came home and had what we called “Slunch!”


A snacky-like lunch since, I swear, both my kids are only interested in eating if you call it a snack instead of a meal. It’s weird!

We put Little Bean up for nap and I attempted to proof the draft of #wycwyc…


… but after three chapters I fell asleep.

I needed a nap anyway.

After nap and a little editing we colored with sidewalk chalk while The Husband mowed the lawn.


I made dinner: ham, veggies and roasted potatoes with garlic and chives.


My mom brought me a chive plant. What a great addition to my herb garden!


I didn’t snap a photo but after dinner we played a game of Trouble and then put Little Bean to bed. It was around 9 and I really, REALLY didn’t want to miss my training run. I couldn’t foresee when else I could squish it in during the week. So I strapped on my shoes and did a 6-mile loop around my neighborhood.


It took me  just over an hour and 10 minutes. I stopped and walked a few times and even though I was tired I really enjoyed it. I had a Jillian Michaels and a Freakonomics podcast to keep me company.

I came home and made myself some experimental chocolate fridge oats for breakfast the next day. I wanted to sleep in and not worry about what I would eat.

This morning I woke up to this:


DELICIOUS! I will make it a few more times and share on GreenLiteBites!

So there you go! My Sensational Sunday posted on Monday! I have lots to keep me busy today and then I’m off to the airport to pick everyone up. I can’t wait to see Ryan and hear about his trip!

Hope you are having a great Monday! :)

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