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Around 8 years ago I remember taking The-Then-2-Year-Old on local trail for a hike with The Husband.  It was a warm summer day and we strolled at the toddler’s pace until he tuckered himself out.

We stopped at a little creek for some splashing when I heard someone coming. I hustled the toddler to the side and a young woman came pounding through splashing as she hopped from rock to rock. I looked up, gave her a smile and then looked at the husband in disbelief.

You mean people run on trails? RUN? With all the rocks and roots and hills and bugs and… I mean… really?

People do that?


I simply couldn’t imagine but was intrigued.

She looked so happy and healthy and fit.

It was during this time I was already maintaing my weight loss but that loss was all a result of changing my diet. Sure I was more active. I walked and went on these “hikes” but that was really the extent of the exercise I was doing back then. I was just starting to get an itch to do more.

Tonight, after a long day of work and kids and cooking dinner (after some internal debate), I left the dirty counters, the clothes in the dryer and the messy living room. I threw on some old running clothes. I kissed each kid. Thanked the Husband. And headed out to a local trail.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.05.00 PM

Of course my stupid GPS wouldn’t work, which sucks because the elevations are insane and I really wanted to see the data, but that’s OK, they have a map at least!


I ran the pink to the blue loop and loved every hilly minute of it!  

I’ve become THAT girl! That girl pounding her way happily though the woods with a big smile on her face leaving the day’s stress behind and enjoying the silence.

Walking led to joining a gym which led to running which led to weight lifting which led to bootcamps which led to Tough Mudders which led to CrossFit which will lead to…. well… who knows!

Watching that girl  8 years ago I really didn’t think it was possible yet here I am all sweaty from my run.


  • TrappedInAFatChick

    Oh that’s an awesome post! I’ve said the same thing to my husband while we are out walking the trails. A few years back we walked to the top of Smith Rock in Terrebonne, Oregon. It’s like a 600 foot elevation gain from the bottom to the top. The backside is pretty decent terrain and a “gentle” incline over about a mile and a half I think. The front side is pretty dang steep and it’s only 3/4 of a mile. Our first time up that thing on the front side, people were running down the front side. This thing was wicked steep. There were stairs on part of it that I could barely make it up and they were just running down it. I’m afraid I’m going to fall off the cliff and they are running down this thing! One day, I want to run down that stupid thing too!

    • toughasnails

      run down Kaibab trail in the Grand canyon…that is steep.

  • Debbie

    You are awesome and great motivation!!

  • Jane

    I have a question Roni. Don’t you ever get scared running on your own on the Trails? Do you worry about your safety, even when running around your neighbourhood alone / early mornings / eve?
    I would do a lot more of this kind of thing but get nervous.

    • RoniNoone

      I do, a little but I stay alert, save and always let people know where I am. I’m not the kid of person who lives in fear.

    • Karen

      I also got a little thing of mace. Put it on your keychain and hold it while you run if you’re in a secluded place.

    • toughasnails

      mace can be used against you also…

    • Karen

      Anything can be used against you. I was just offering a suggestion that makes me feel just a little bit safer if I’m going off the beaten path.

    • toughasnails

      I carry a gun…

    • toughasnails

      Don’t wear headphones and just keep alert and aware. I have run the canyons around where I live for 16-20+ miles where I live. Not many people are up there…except other runners/hikers.

  • Karen

    Bad ass.

  • Nancy

    ditto Karen, totally bad ass.. and inspiring !

  • Shannon

    Sounds devine! I want to be that girl,too.

  • Bella

    I love hiking, and I was trying to run on the way out of a trail last weekend. I realized that even with my iron sports bra it just wasn’t happening. After my breast reduction in September I will attempt it again!

  • toughasnails

    next up…Grand Canyon rim to rim or Pikes peak then I suppose?

  • Jessie

    I have been really wanting to do more exercise. I use the elliptical faithfully, but running outside is just something that I want to do more of. And it sounds like trails are a great thing to try. I would imagine you use many more muscles and improve balance at the same time.

  • Jessica

    I’ve recently switched to trail running while training for a trail race & I have to say, I just LOVE IT. Occasionally I go back to roads, but I think trails are my true running love. Even when you run the same trail, you always see something new! I run the trails at gunpowder a lot but I’ve yet to get bored with them, unlike running the same loops on the road :)


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