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A Lazy Sensational Sunday

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I don’t know what I stepped in yesterday but both kids slept in this morning. It was the first time in months I didn’t have a kid in my bed by 6:30. The Husband and I decided to take advantage and watch a movie.


That’s Dead Poets Society and it’s one of those must-watch-when-it’s-on movies for us.

Our lazy start to Sunday continued and we just chilled watching the boys play.


I made a big batch of French toast and sausage for breakfast.


Notice The Husband’s “finger” expression. It was his can-I-just-eat-my-breakfast-in-peace face. Notice the kids. They just don’t care anymore.

I sent The-8-Year-Old off to do his laundry and The-3-Year-Old followed suit.


I focused on dinner and put some country-style ribs in the crock pot with some BBQ sauce, honey, Worcestershire sauce and onion.


Then it was lazy time again.


The 8-Year-Old went to the park with his friends while the 3 of us just hung out.


We even all took a  nap. It was nice.

Before dinner I had a trail running date with my friend and official FitBloggin‘ photographer Carrie.


We had a blast! And it snapped me out of my Lazy Sunday funk. Kind of.

I came home to this,


pulled dinner together, helped The Husband with the lawn and then sent the kids to bed.

As you can see by my Fitbit


Super lazy Sensational Sunday with a burst of activity at the end.

Just what I needed to start my week.

Oh! and I forgot to mention the winner of the #100kSteps Challenge Take 2. Everyone congratulate Lauren!

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 10.08.45 PM

OK, hope you had a great weekend. I’ve got to go!

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