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A Sensational Mother’s Day!

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I’m going to make this Sensational Sunday quick. It’s been a long weekend with most of Saturday being spent in bed. It seems my body is still fighting off an infection.  It’s been putting quite a damper on the #100kSteps Challenge but more on that tomorrow. Let’s focus on today, which started with breakfast in bed! 20140511_A The Husband made me eggs and put peppers and spinach in them! He even shaped some into a heart using one of my cookie cutters. How stinkin’ cute is that? I enjoyed my breakfast surrounded by this guy who’s only getting goofier by the year… 20140511_B And this one who was begging to play Hide and Seek by screaming “Very, very, very NOOOOOWWW.” 20140511_C He got his wish. The rest of the morning, actually the day, is quite a blur. Not feeling 100% we stayed close to home. I didn’t even run. I did, however, print out the final draft of my children’s book!! 20140511_D It’s done and being sent to review. I’m so stinking excited! We also finished the landscaping. Finally! 20140511_E And the boys took me out to lunch. 20140511_F Then it was naps, walks, and dinner, pretty much. Just a low key, relaxing Sunday. I’ll be back tomorrow with an update on the challenge. Gotta go. It’s only the best TV night ever!

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