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Tuesday Training Update: Progress and Adventure

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I started these Tuesday Training Updates on a whim last month because I really wanted to share some of my progress at the gym without it taking it over my blog. Just a fun update every few weeks so I have an outlet to celebrate things like this…

Pull-ups are a reality!! I’m still glowing. :)

In my last update (besides my excitement over the pull-ups) I was really excited to try and follow some of the Olympic lifting program my gym offers weekly but I just couldn’t keep up with it. It’s more independent work than I’m used to, and on days I had to pick between class and the lifts, I always pick class. It’s just more fun for me.

Anyway, I may have not made strides on my Olympic lifting but I have made progress and today we did a workout that I’ve done before called the “Filthy 50”

“Filthy 50” 

For time:

  • 50 Box jump, 20 inch box
  • 50 Jumping pull-ups
  • 50 Kettlebell swings, 35lbs
  • 50 Walking Lunge 
  • 50 Knees to elbows
  • 50 Push press, 45 pounds
  • 50 Back extensions
  • 50 Wall ball shots, 14 pound ball
  • 50 Burpees
  • 50 Double unders

Yeah, it’s CRAZY! The first time I did it was April 1, 2013. It took me 39:26 and I had to scale the knees to elbows and double unders. We did it again in August and I completed it in 36:40 still scaling the double unders. Today?

Today I did it in 32:43 without scaling!


I’m not going to lie, I love this feeling! I can do things I couldn’t last year and I can do them faster.

Why yes, I am patting myself on the back. :)

Next year I have my sights on under 30 minutes.

On the running front I have made no progress. My hamstring is still bugging me but it’s getting there. I started cycling hot and cold compresses while I’m working and it’s making a big difference. I went out for a short half mile yesterday and today I did about 1 and half.

Speaking of running, I’ve fallen in LOVE with these new shoes…

New Balance WT10GP2

They are the New Balance Women’s WT10GP2 Minimus Trail Shoe and I don’t think I’ve ever owned a more comfortable sneaker. I even wore them to CrossFit today since they have a wider toe like the my Nanos. They were awesome!

Anyway, the new shoes were my way to treat myself. I’ve been in such a funk with this injury and I wanted something to inspire me to get out there a bit more. Marathon training will be starting soon! (Note: I signed up for the Vegas full in November) I will post more as I get a schedule and start to prepare this summer.

Speaking of, I signed up for a half in October. Not any old half either, a Vacation Race!

On October 18 I’ll be running the Lake Powell Half Marathon!


I reached out to VacationRaces because they were looking for blog ambassadors. They agreed to cover my race entry and hotel to help them promote their races. This year they still  have one in the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountains, Smoky Mountains and, of course, Lake Powell. We chatted last week and I told them they were genius for offering such amazing race locations. Well, at least I think they so. I love using a running event as a reason to visit a new place, and you know how I feel about running on vacation. You always see the best stuff on foot!

My plan is to bring the GoPro camera and take you along for the ride as I run around Lake Powell in Arizona. I can’t wait! This is so up my alley, it’s not even funny.

Anyway, I’m going to run but I’ll leave you with today’s food journal. I know the challenge is over but I really enjoyed posting daily again. It was fun. Oh! and next week I’m going to host a new challenge. I hope you’ll join me. I’m thinking we’ll do something every other week. :)

What Why
Split some of The Most Amazing Bowl of Oatmeal EVER! with the kids. Quick sit down breakfast with the kids before heading to the gym
2-egg omelet made with 2 links of sausage and baby spinach Post-gym breakfast
Big Bowl of Turkey Taco Soup Turned The Husband down on eating out again. He had KFC. Blah!
Carrots and hummus  I was hungry and wanted a quick snack before dinner. I finally got smart with hummus and bought single-serve containers because I have a problem. 
Griedll steak, Brussels sprouts, 1/2 sweet potato and 1/2 regular potato.  Our first grill friendly day! I had to do it. :)
 1/2 serving of Frosted Mini Wheats with 1/4 banana and almond milk  I was hungry but nothing sounded good except cereal! So I used one of the toddler bowls. It was yummy!

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    April 1, 2014

    I learned of VacationRaces last night because a friend is running the in the Grand Canyon half. I love the idea and was really excited until I looked at the courses. It seems as though many of the national parks will not allow the races in the parks so they are just outside the parks. I am not as interested in running through the forest next to the Grand Canyon. I can do that at home. I would love to see actual pictures of the views from the course because maybe I am missing something. All the pics I could find for these races were for the parks themselves. Since many of these are in their first year pictures are not available from race participants. I have been to many of these parks and know what the scenery looks just like outside the parks and all I can envision is running through a forest without any views.

    When you’re at Lake Powell be sure to check out Horseshoe Bend.


    April 2, 2014

    Great job on the cross fit. I begin this week! I’m nervous and excited. Any suggestions for a newbie? Please tell me that 41 is not too old to do this!


      April 3, 2014

      NOT TOO OLD! Never. :)

      I didn’t start until 36. I will admit I feel old as there are lots of 20-somthings at my gym but I think crossFit will help keep you young. I feel fantastic!

      As for suggestions… Try not to get caught up in comparing yourself to everyone else. Do you own thing, when needed scale without shame and have FUN with it!!


    April 4, 2014

    You are doing great. I might try crossfit, but at 51 I am a bit apprehensive! Thanks for the shoe review. Sometimes it is nice to get others take on what is available out there.