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Throwback Thursday: 5 Years Ago This Week…

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First 10 miles

That’s me and The-NOW-8-Year-Old after my first-ever 10 mile run. It was the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in 2009 and I can’t lie, I had a tear in my eye as I reread my own recap — click here to read it.

It’s not a particularly emotional post, it’s just that I get emotional when I think about how far I’ve come. It was really easy for me to recapture the sense of accomplishment I felt when I crossed that finish line 5 years ago. At that time I was running less than a year and it was really something I thought I was incapable of doing.

Anyway, I thought I would be fun to peek back at the past 5 years in honor of Throwback Thursday. I’ve been having a lot of fun sharing photos on Facebook and the blog is even cooler because I get to read my own thoughts from the past.

In other news…

On those notes, I’m going to  bed! Here’s today’s food journal. I’m liking the structure it’s giving me to post them again.

What Why
Slice of whole wheat toast with some almond butter and a drizzle of honey Ate in the car on the way to the gym at 5:30 this morning.
Bowl of Special K Protein with frozen wild blueberries and almond milk Cereal day with the kids before school
Grapes Stomach was rumbling so I grabbed some grapes while working
THIS exact salad — I love it!  I was *this* close to going out with the husband for lunch but decided to make my salad instead!
Carrots and single-serve hummus  I’m so glad I bought these!!
Triscuits  Grabbed a handful as I was wrapping up my workday
Bread burgers (what we do when we run out of buns) with raw cucumber and pepper strips on the side  Dinner… I needed to make something easy.

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    April 9, 2014

    Can’t wait to see the new site Roni ;)