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I’m trying to call it Sensational but MAN I’ve been in a funk all day and I’m not sure why. The day started great! Just Little Bean and I sharing some peanut butter and apples.


I love that he loves this! The 8-Year-old isn’t a fan. He doesn’t like peanut butter or cheese, two of bean’s favorites.

Their food choices are pretty much opposites and it cracks me up.

For breakfast I went with a sausage and spinach omelet with a side of Play-Doh ice cream.


Since I was already pre-funk I decided the TV would just make things worse. Both kids were not too keen on my decision to keep it off.


After lots of arguing, whining and pleading they found other things to keep themselves busy.


We decided to clean up and take the kids out to run some errands. We left the Roomba to finish the job.


That may have been the most underestimated gift of the year!

We decided  a one-stop shopping trip to Target was our best bet for all the random things we needed.


We also went out for a “last lunch” as The Husband called it. Tomorrow I’ll be issuing a challenge not to eat out for a week and he’s not too happy about it. lol Stop back tomorrow for all the details!

When we got back, I dragged my butt out for a run. I’ve been putting it off. My leg is REALLY ticking me off but I was able to run around 2 miles and then I walked another.

When I got home I stretched. I couldn’t do this 3 weeks ago so that’s progress.




Anyway, soon it was puzzle time!


And popcorn time.


I have passed on my obsession to both boys. Popcorn is the one things we all agree on.

Dinner time came and went but honestly we snacked our way through the evening.  We ate such a late lunch and I was in such a funk I just didn’t have it in me.

That being said… these things are DANGEROUS.


Maybe it’s just me but I have a problem with cinnamon things. :)

The Husband came home from tennis and we just chilled together as a family.


It was nice.

As you can see, I had a great day but I’m just mopey.  It will pass.

  • Lyn

    We have no screen time for the kids on Saturdays. We have some orthodox Jewish friends who observe the sabbath without driving, completing a circuit, writing, etc. A day without TV a week seemed doable. We’ve had it for a year or more. Also, we haven’t eaten out for almost 3 months. It’s all about habits. It was hard the first couple of times I just wanted hubby to order a pizza. Those nights have been replaced with French toast or pasta (both of which can be on the table faster than take out pizza).

    • RoniNoone

      It’s really a great day. I may start something similar.

  • Tara

    those mope-y days are rough! The nice thing is (for me) they don’t last more than a day! :)

    • RoniNoone

      Yeah, i’m already over it. :)

  • Sherri

    Bill hasn’t flipped off the camera in a while, is he ok? LOL

    • RoniNoone

      I know! He hasn’t bent hat bothered by me picture taking. I think I wore him down. lol

  • Imacrazymomof4

    I have been nursing a neck and shoulder issue since my snowboarding Sundays…it has really gotten old and frustrating. After taking anti inflammatories and resting without relief I have finally had relief with acupuncture. I’m finally able to lay on my left side to sleep again…YAY! I had such relief last week after one visit that I’m going back for another visit this week to hopefully end it for good. Nothing like an annoying body issue to make me grumpy! Maybe you have one around you that you could give a try?

    • RoniNoone

      I may. I’m going to get a massage this week, hoping that helps too.

  • Candice

    Seriously what is wrong with that boy. How can you dislike cheese and peanut butter? That is food from the Gods. We try to keep the tv off during the weekends. Sundays are the hardest with Downton Abbey, Walking Dead and now a Drop Dead Diva.

    • RoniNoone

      I KNOW! I didn’t realize how good I had it with him. It was so easy to stay away from those foods but Evan is just a cheese and nut butter fan! Now I’m around it all over again. lol


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