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Setting the Tone on This Sensational Sunday!

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Lately my days seem to always start with a puzzle. Someone’s quite obsessed.


For breakfast I finally got BOTH boys interested in helping make pancakes. This rarely happens. They actually fought over who would crack the egg.


At breakfast the 8-year-old tried the juice from my grapefruit. This was his reaction.



Afterwards a little pull-up practice.


With laundry started, I left the boys for the mobility class at the gym and a mile run.


It was the first time I’ve run since pulling a muscle on the cruise.  I’m trying not to say “only” but it was only a mile. I felt OK. Not 100% but definitely better than I did last week.

I returned to a clean bathroom.


Apparently when you assign a dollar amount to chores it REALLY motivates 8-year-olds.

And 2-year-olds really like rolling balls around train tables after moms build new tracks for them.


Lunch! 20140309_6772

In that photo the boys are “arguing” with Dad about what song to play.

I made myself a Kale Salad With Pecans, Dried Cherries and Gouda. Super simple and tasty!

The boys had a mishmash of stuff including chicken nuggets, hard boiled eggs, apples and pepper strips.


To make my life easier tomorrow, I made the Toddler’s lunch for tomorrow, too.


Then I had homework!


I had to make a word search for the 8-year-old to do after he finishes his standardized tests this week.

After a few more spurts of cleaning, I wrangled the boys for a haircut trip.

Here’s the before…


(Notice how miserable the 2-year-old is. He didn’t want to go at all.)

The after…


Dance cleaning!


I love this photo. 20140309_6811

He’s dancing to this (click here.) 



That’s just me. To help me get my steps in today I took each pile up separately to be put away. Currently I have 33 flights on my Fitbit.

The boys while I cook dinner…


Minecraft and Temple Run are the two current obsessions.

For dinner I decided to have a little fun and make sweet potato pancakes as a side to some pork loin and broccoli.


I don’t usually fry much at home, but I figured the loin was lean and since I don’t add any fat to the broccoli, tonight was the best night to do it.

I thought they were AMAZING but as you can see the 8-year-old didn’t agree.


He ate half of one. The 2-year-old had a bite.



After dinner I enlisted the 8-year-old to clean the living room.


He wanted to know why he has to do “everything around here.” lol

The 2-year-old hit the button on the Roomba.


Quite possibly his favorite thing to do.

It was a great day! My goal was to set the tone for the week.

After a few days’ break from the Fitbit, I started wearing it again. I realized today that just because I can’t run it doesn’t mean I can’t walk! So I’m restarting my mile-a-day goal and if my leg starts to bother me, I’ll just stroll.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before!

OK, I’m going to run. Everything I want to watch on TV is on tonight: True Detective, Walking Dead, Resurrection, Cosmos. I’ve got to go!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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    Georgia Reed

    March 9, 2014

    I just sent my fitbit back and this is making me miss it already. Why does a number on my wrist motivate me to move so much?! Maybe I will start a 1 mile a day challenge just to get me started up again…


    March 10, 2014

    I am debating between the one or flex, since I am one of those who has developed a wrist skin sensitivity…arg. I’m continuing to wear it until I decide and have to send it back for a refund. I love the numbers and don’t know if the flex will keep me as motivated…my iphone doesn’t sync with it. The one has the numbers but will I be peeking in my shirt all day to see where I’m at? That could be awkward! I really wish the force was built like the flex :( cause I really love it!


    March 10, 2014

    Thanks for posting your real life challenges and successes. We all have ups and downs with fitness, what our kids eat after we worked hard to prep something amazing, house cleanliness, etc. Thanks so much for keeping it real. Love your posts.