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Off to Kalamazoo!

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Today’s snowstorm has put me over the edge. I’m so tired of winter and cold and snow. It’s just dragging on and putting me in a funk.

Not to mention my leg is still bothering me and I haven’t been able to run for over 2 weeks now.


I did get a chance to talk to a physical therapist and after a little adjustment he said to rest it a little longer.

Thankfully, I’ve still been able to make it to the gym as lifting doesn’t irritate it. Only running, which with this weather wouldn’t be that fun anyway. So I’m trying to look at it as a positive. I mean if I’m going to hurt myself I’d rather it be during this crappy season than, say, May. Right?

See, I’m trying to look on the bright side.  It helps. :)

Anyway, I really am going to Kalamazoo tomorrow. Special K asked me to join a small board to discuss weight management, and our first meeting is tomorrow.

I’m excited but feel a little out of my element as the other members are all doctors and dietitians. There’s no doubt I can talk endlessly about weight loss but it all comes from my own experience so I hope I’m of some use to them.

All I can do is go and be myself, right?

When I get back Wednesday night I have exactly 12 hours before I hop on another plane to visit the ALDI test kitchens in Chicago!

It’s a busy week for sure and today’s snow day didn’t help. I feel so behind. I have 3 posts in progress on GreenLiteBites that I’m hoping to work on while traveling. I haven’t posted anything on TheUnworldlyTravelers in a couple of weeks. And wrapping my head around the conference seems impossible at the moment.

On the weight management front I’m taking a break from food journaling but have been focusing on just eating smart. Translation: No mindless snacking!  The rest of the week will be a challenge for sure but I’m feeling really motived. Today I dug out of the snow and headed to the gym.

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 10.13.54 PM

Tomorrow I’m planning on taking the early class before heading to the airport.

I’m doing what I can when I can and it’s keeping me afloat at the moment.

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    March 4, 2014

    Hooray for Michigan! I’m about 45 minutes north of K-Zoo! :)


      March 4, 2014

      I’m in metro Detroit! Welcome to the mitten. :)


    March 4, 2014

    If you have any free time while in Batavia, stop by Fermilab. It’s just south of the Aldi headquarters. It is a DOE high-energy particle physics lab. They study REALLY small things, like quarks and neutrinos. It has a nice view from the top of Wilson Hall if the weather cooperates. They have hundreds of acres of open space and restored prairies — nice for runs and biking. They have a herd of bison, too. Oh — and send a wave my way. I’m just a mile from both.


    March 4, 2014

    Hi Roni-
    It is cold and there is snow piled EVERYWHERE here outside Chicago,pack layers and boots! Where are you staying? Maybe I can shoot some suggestions your way. I’m a local, ya know! I didn’t even know that Aldi had a test kitchen around here. How fun! I wonder what you’ll make?


    March 4, 2014

    congrats on being asked to join the special k board! Please don’t be intimidated by the other members — remember those are the people who have signed off on the current config of speical K — packed with HFCS, sugar, and unpronounceable ingredients — and marketed as “health food”! You’re there to represent all of us who want to stop the madness! :)

    Martha G

    March 4, 2014

    That is so cool about the Special K board. Not only that you were asked (big congratulations and who better I might add!) but that they are forming this kind of board. Not a big fan of their Special K diet, but at least they are working at getting people to eat healthier.

    And snow? I’m so over it.


    March 4, 2014

    No WAY! I live in kalamazoo! I’ve read your blog for 5.5 years and am a member of blog to loss…my mind is blown right now :) enjoy your visit and let me know if there’s anything you need!


    March 4, 2014

    You’ll do great tomorrow, Roni! And if you get a chance tomorrow morning — hit up Water Street Coffee Joint for a java fix before heading to Cereal City. :) (guessing you’re staying downtown)? Enjoy your time here in the ‘Zoo!