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Monday Meme: TIRED!

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Have you ever had days were you feel super busy yet you don’t feel like you are accomplishing anything? I don’t know where the time goes but I’m constantly engaged in something and then BAM it’s bed time. I’m exhausted yet I still have so much to do.

Part of the problem is I’ve been preoccupied with administrative crap, which, although annoying, is a good thing because it means business is booming. And it is!

Not only is FitBloggin‘ planning in full swing but I have contracts with 3 new clients — two of which happen to have travel requirements next week! More about all that later.

In other news…

  • My stepdad is doing great! He’s still recovering in the CCU but he’s been up and about a few times.
  • I did post one of the 2 ideas on GreenLiteBites I made this weekend: Apple Kale Salad With Maple Walnut Dressing
  • FitBloggin’ Bling Buttons have been posted!
  • Haven’t gotten back to running yet. :( There’s still some pulling in my left leg and I want to make sure I give myself enough time to heal. I have been going to Crossfit but modifying things to not cause any pain. I hope to start running again this weekend.
  • I took a break from my Fitbit a couple of days. The battery died and frankly, I forgot about it while it was charging with all the hoopla of my niece being here.

OK, I have to go to bed because even though I should be sleeping I’m watching recorded versions of Archer. Go figure.


Toady’s food journal!

What Why
Apple Pre workout – ate it on the way to the gym
Recovery Shake (almond milk, maple syrup, whey protein, cocoa powder) Post-workout drink I bring to the gym with me and drink while stretching
1 homemade pancake and a 2-egg kale and bacon bit omelet I made the kids pancakes before school and then myself an omelet once they were gone. I really hungry!
Homemade Mexican gumbo style soup The Husband went to Qdoba. I was inspired plus I have a crapload of vegetables from the farm this week.
Homemade butternut muffin I think I was hungry but really it was more of an afternoon “I’m falling asleep” snack. Note: Still working on getting this recipe up!
Snapea Crisps Honestly, because the 8-year-old was eating them. Homework snack
2 bison sliders with a side of edamame and broccoli Dinner. I found ground bison at my grocery store on sale!
Cocoa-Dusted Banana Bites Because I was craving chocolate and all I had was blah Hershey’s. This was a much better choice

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    Georgia Reed

    February 25, 2014

    We’re living in parallel universes (well.. almost). My fitbit died and I took it off to recharge and kind of just gave it a rest. Then I saw the recall.. I’m sending my force back. :/